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Kindra Coates

Hammond, Louisiana, United States


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I got the name "BookWorm" in the fourth grade because, as the cliché goes, I always had my nose stuck in a book. Considering that it was fellow gifted students that bestowed the name and the ridicule gives a better idea why I found my escape in the pages. It is a badge of pride now.

The next year, I wrote my very first story on paper and drew a title page picture. I bound it very carefully in an old school folder and still have it hidden in my filing cabinet. It was just a revisioning of a book that had impressed me, with my own characters and a completely improbable ending. I was only eleven. But I kept writing, and--more importantly--finishing the stories I began. I entered contests, only to have my younger sister win the Young Writer's contest with a story about Indians that everyone laughed over. I seethed in jealosy for years over that one. I finally won when we compared finished output. I had twenty-six finished manuscripts; she only had three.

I switched schools and found true friends for the last half of middle school and high school. I force fed them story after story. I still love them dearly, but they all failed as critical readers. Too afraid to hurt my feelings. But I knew the stories needed work. I started finally winning contests in high school: a trip to Washington D.C. my junior year, second place in creative writing at the Louisiana State Beta Convention and eighth place at the National Beta Convention my senior year.

I attended Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana and finally obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English, emphasis on creative writing. Have you ever seen "Steel Magnolias"? I lived in the town they filmed it in for five years, long after they finished. I also won fiction contests sponsored by "Argus," the campus literary magazine, five times: first place twice, second place once, third place twice, and one honorable mention. Only three of the stories were published; the publication did not come out for the 1997 year.

Now I have my degree, a job that pays the bills and leaves me with free time to write, and I'm ready to hit the big leagues.

Interests: What do I like? Reading, writing, daydreaming about my stories in progress, designing websites, buying books, participating in the Louisiana Renaissance Festival, and realizing my goals in life; the last should cover everything else.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Bloody Hand