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Hal Westhead

Macclesfield, United Kingdom


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ICQ: 50951182

I graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in Mathematics and Psychology, a mixture which expressed the breadth of my interests. Going on to research in Experimental Psychology I soon realised that one of the defining characteristics of a human being, consciousness, was all but inaccessible to the methodology of experimental science. Fortunately I discovered at around the same time the Buddhist practitioners had been exploring the arcane inner recesses of the conscious and pre-conscious mind for a few centuries. To both earn a living and keep me entertained I worked in the software industry for the next 15 years (mostly for large software houses) until I realised that I had reached an age when I ought to do something useful. So I trained as a hypnotherapist.
I have written one novel exploring the inner experience of death from a Buddhist perspective, and a few articles on the use of metaphor in our understanding of the world. Currently I'm working on a second novel (in which a daemon helps a poor hapless city worker understand the nature of craving and aversion), a book on the relationship between science and Buddhist philosophy, and trying to get my head round an idea for a novel involving a species which has more than two sexes.
Writing which does not shine a bright light in the readers rut is barely worth the effort (but then we all have tired days when all we want is comfort food).

Interests: Buddhism, Mental Health, Hypnotism, Stress Management, Fantasy, Consciousness

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • After Life
  • After Life