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T Lee Baumann

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Birmingham, Alabama, United States


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T. LEE BAUMANN is a writer and medical consultant in Birmingham, Alabama. In addition to his years in private practice, Baumann has served as a medical administrator and biology instructor.

HAVING BEGUN his spiritual journey as a religious skeptic, Dr. Baumann has now come full circle and written a variety of books in defense of spirituality─all based upon scientific doctrine. His first book, God at the Speed of Light, was considered one of the inspirations for the popular CBS television series, “Joan of Arcadia.” Lee’s other books address a wide range of topics, including medicine, quantum physics, astronomy, and even concepts in support of the paranormal─all based upon proven scientific research. For Dr. Baumann, “it's all about the science.”

BAUMANN has also appeared in Grizzly Adams Production documentaries on the afterlife, CBC's Tapestry, radio's Coast-to-Coast, and an Alabama Public TV documentary on the near-death experience.

FEEL FREE to contact Dr. Baumann regarding his FREE presentations before religious, spiritual, and non-profit educational organizations. E-mail Dr. Baumann ( for details and include a contact E-mail, the name and address of your organization, number of prospective attendees, possible dates, and whether the organization can obtain and make available some of Dr. Baumanns books for sale at the time of the event.

SPECIAL NOTE: GOD AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS (32 total and growing) are endowed from the proceeds from Dr. Baumanns books and exist at the following schools (alphabetical order): AUBURN University's College of Science and Mathematics, Mississippi State University, SOUTHERN ILLINOIS University School of Medicine, UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham), University of ALABAMA's College of Arts and Sciences, University of MISSISSIPPI, the University of SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI, and the University of Cape Town (South Africa). Applications may be found at the schools websites.

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Published works:


  • The Seagu11 Project: a black hole science adventure to the center of our galaxy
  • The Dark Conscious: Conclusion to The Seagu11 Project
  • Nonfiction

  • Window to God: A Medical and Scientific Analysis of the Edgar Cayce Readings
  • Sin Denominación Espiritualidad Cuántica Laicos Manual para Pacientes de Hospicio y sus Familias
  • The Drug-Free Restless Legs Syndrome Handbook: a case study of 1
  • Matter to Mind to Consciousness: Anatomy of the E.L.F.
  • Medusa of Time
  • God at the Speed of Light: The Melding of Science and Spirituality
  • Nondenominational Quantum Spirituality Lay Manual for Hospice Patients and Their Families: how science proves there IS an afterlife
  • God at the Speed of Light: 2013 Updated and Revised Edition
  • Clearing the Air: Art of the Bowel Movement
  • The Akashic Light: Religion\'s Common Thread
  • The Search for Divine Justice