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William Zellmann

Granbury, Texas, United States


Home page:

I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, where I achieved
nothing notable.
I joined the Navy to avoid the draft, and found that I quite enjoyed
Navy life. I
became a Personnelman, and for the next twenty years was largely
successful in
tricking the Navy into thinking that I wasn't really a lazy slob. During
this time, I
and married a wonderful woman. We had a beautiful daughter
together. My wife
passed away in 2008, and I had the incredible luck to meet another
woman. We married in December 2010.
After retiring from the Navy, I attended the University of Arkansas. I
received a
BSBA in Human Resources Management, to my utter surprise (and
that of some of
my professors!).
I seem to be attracted to low-paying government jobs, and upon
graduation, I
became employed by the State of Arkansas as an Employment
Interviewer and
Employment Services Supervisor. There, I completed another 20-
year career. Since
then my life has been devoted to writing and convincing my new wife
she didn't
really marry a lazy bum.
My lady is Philipino by birth, with dual Philippine/US citizenship. I
retired in March
of 2011, and we retired to the Philippines in October, 2011. Yep, I
actually Ran Off
To An Exotic South Seas Island With A Beautiful Native Girl! How
many people
actually get to live a clich�?
As part of my never-ending quest to avoid working for a living, I have
been writing for
as long as I can remember. While in the Navy, I submitted several
short pieces to
gun and auto magazines, and was amazed when they actually sent
me money! Not
much, but still . . .
Since leaving the Navy, I've written several novels, but have failed to
find a
The e-book revolution has opened new worlds for me.
I hope you enjoy investigating my web site, and if you are
unemployed or
underemployed, or know someone who is, please download my
FREE e-book, The
No-Bullsh*t Career and Job Search Guide. You can download it at or at

Of course, if you're interested in Science Fiction, I hope you'll check
out my novels, "Death Ship Quest", "The Emperor's Conspiracy",
"The Privateer", "Man's Hope", "The Rim Rebels", and now "Privateer
2: AN HONEST LIVING"; available as e-books from for Kindle and various Apple mobile devices

Death Ship Quest –
The Emperor's Conspiracy –
The Privateer –
Man's Hope –
The Rim Rebels –
and my NEW sequel to "The Privateer", Privateer 2: AN HONEST

Interests: In writing, science fiction. Otherwise, computers, guns and antique and hot rod autos

Published writer: No

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Death Ship Quest