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Alex Cooper

London, United Kingdom


What can I say, this may seem a desperate plea for something to do in my life, which may not be that far from the truth. But generally I am 21, have left University last year, and have not got a decent foot in the 'Real' world yet. So I am going back to being a student next semester. I have always had a desire to write and am currently producing an account of my student years. This comes from the fact that I went to a very small college that had unique (to say the least) relationships between everyone! It was one big family that, like most families, had its ups and downs. There was also a distinct pattern that was more typical of an American college, what with the so called 'Jocks' or 'IT' gangs, and the others seemed to be either in awe or shame. Anyway, being a keen observer of people, I was lucky enough to be accepted into most groups of people, and now I want to tell the world!

Interests: Everything and nothing

Published writer: No

Freelance: No