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Pat Flewwelling

Whitby, Ontario, Canada


Growing up, my granddad always used to tell me I was his "little boy," and called me "Paddy." The nickname was suitably annoying and so stuck. As homage to both my grandparents, who grew up during the Golden Age of Radio, I published one (and a half) radio plays under the name Paddy Flewwelling. My grandmother is no longer able to read, so my granddad read the whole play to her - it was the first and best reading of a radio play ever.

Since 1998, I have written 14 complete manuscripts, three (and a half) of which I've actually liked. Since October, 2001, I've written three full length fantasy novels, with one in progress. These fall under the series title "The Epic of Allua." The first book, "The Ballad of Bastion," is written as a stand-alone and recounts how country and king struggle to give rebirth to each other. From there on, the series follows the growth of the tiny country into a world power, to its peak and to its downfall - and back to its rebirth.

Allua, in the characters' language, means "Point of Freedom," an example of which is this: imagine you've been trapped in a collapsed mine, and for days you've been trying to dig your way out, drinking nothing but dew from the stones. Finally, you drag away one last stone and see daylight - only to have the daylight blocked again - and then, to realize the shadow is cast by hands digging stones away from the outside, to rescue you. This spirit of self-reliance and mutual assistance is the core theme of the series.

Interests: Aside from the requisite reading and writing, I love to go camping, especially in the winter. I also have a deep-seated love of old time radio programs.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Fog of Dockside City: Cold Spell