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Tom Tuohy

Agent: International Features Agency, Amsterdam ( - writer based in
Bangkok, Thailand


Home page:

As of January, 2009, I currently have a few major projects 'on the boil'.

My main project at this time is a PhD Writing thesis about 'The Role of the Outsider in Storytelling' and how that impacts on the clash of civilizations between Islam and Christianity. I am in the write up period of this and hope to submit for the viva in December, 2010.

When I have the extra time, I am also working on a second draft of a screenplay that I wrote for my MA Writing at Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia which has been registered with the Australian Writers' Guild.

Finally, I also occasionally contribute content to websites and most recently, I published two articles in a lifestyle magazine called Absolute Thai– I am now writing a regular column in the Learning Post section of The Bangkok Post - along with other publications such as The Guardian Weekly,,, EL Gazette, and many others.

I am available for writing assignments - commissions, editing, proofreading, and general assignments. My rates are reasonable and always negotiable.

Interests: I like the usual array of things: reading & writing (of course), socialising, sports. I also like to deconstruct movies, that is, take them apart bit by bit, like a watchmaker to see what makes them work.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Night Angels (unpublished short stories)
  • The Accidental Terrorist (PhD Writing - artefact story)
  • Nonfiction

  • Listening to Lectures (Co-author, Business & Management course book) University of Birmingham, the UK
  • Watching the Thais (book)
  • Smile and the Whole of Thailand Smiles with You (Feature Article)
  • You Know You've been in Thailand too Long When...(Feature Article)
  • Scripts

  • Seven Days in Bangkok (unproduced screenplay)
  • The Professor (unproduced radio play)
  • Other

  • When an inspector calls (journalism) The Guardian Weekly
  • Teleconference: Meeting Efficiently (journalism) The Bangkok Post
  • Conducting successful Interviews (journalism) The Bangkok Post
  • Using Mind Maps in the Office (Journalism) The Bangkok Post
  • Effective presentations (journalism) The Bangkok Post
  • Market Report - Thailand (journalism) English Language Gazette
  • To queue or not to queue? The changing nature of cultural norms in Thailand (
  • Brain-Based Learning - A new approach (web article)
  • Making the most of small talk (Journalism) The Bangkok Post
  • Report on the effect of the global recession on language schools Thailand (journalism) The English Language Gazette
  • Learning with case studies (journalism) The Bangkok Post
  • Protocol for the Office Phone (Journalism) The Bangkok Post
  • The Dreaded “Teaching Observation” Lesson - Angel or Daemon? (web article)
  • Business Grammar (journalism) The Bangkok Post
  • Teaching Unions (
  • Learning Styles in the Classroom (Journalism)
  • Becoming CELTA and DELTA certified in Thailand (Journalism) The English Language Gazette
  • Thai educators grapple with Nazi imagery - Al Jazeera English
  • Learning with newspapers (journalism) The Bangkok Post
  • Business English Writing (journalism) The Bangkok Post
  • Using PowerPoint Effectively (Journalism) The Bangkok Post
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  • Click for Success – A look at TurningPoint classroom software - English Language Gazette (journalism)
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  • Cross-Cultural collisions in the office (journalism) The Bangkok Post
  • Abbreviations in business (Journalism) The Bangkok Post
  • Teaching discursive or creative writing, Why isn’t creative writing taught in Thailand in general? (
  • The dreaded teaching observation lesson (
  • Bangkok street food vendors’ removal sparks debate about whether Thai capital’s food culture can survive (journalism)