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Sheree Greer

Tampa, Florida, United States


Yahoo: writeonpoint

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I received my bachelor's degree in Information Technology and Human Resources, while quietly burning with the desire to be a writer (translation: English MINOR).

A few weeks before my graduation, my mother happened to be going through some old pictures and cards and she found a story I wrote when I was about nine or ten. It was three pages long and entitled, "Boogie Till You Drop (Dead)." It had four main characters, a love triangle, mystery, a twist ending, and for a moment quoted the words to Babyface's "Whip Appeal"... it was... interesting? Nah, let's be honest: It was terrible! But while looking at this story and laughing my ass off, my younger sister looked at me and said, "I always thought you were going to be a writer." I stopped laughing.

Why is it that it always takes the longest time to see what others have been seeing all along?

I guess I could say that writing has always been in me, it would be the truth, "Boogie Till You Drop" is proof, as are the stories, manuscripts, and essays I've worked on since then. But to say that I wished I would have went for it from the beginning wouldn't be accurate. I've learned quite a bit from veering off my heart's path, hell, I have a bachelor's of science degree! And I've probably learned the most from the process of digging into myself and finding that voice that was whispering, underneath the screams of social norms, economic demands, and the materialistic standards of success, the truth that had always been there: I am a writer.

That said, take a moment to learn more about me and my work...

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Pen Name: Sheree L. Greer

Organizations/Affiliations:, BlackWriters United, De griot Space, OkayBooks (sponsored by OkayPlayer)

Literary training/course work: Advanced Placement English Literature (1997), Surveys in Short Fiction, Poetry, and English Literature (1998-99), Ethnicity in Modern Literature (Dr. Heather Hathaway, 2000), Shakespeare's Major Plays (Dr. John Curran, 2001), Writing For the Professions (Dr. Rebecca Nowacek, 2002), Studies in Literature and Culture: Modern Poetry and Social Transfer (Dr. John Boly, 2002), Creative Writing Workshop: Fiction (Dr. Kyoko Mori, 2002)

Favorite authors: Toni Morrison, James Baldwin, Ralph Ellison, Stephen King, Alice Walker

Favorite works: "Tar Baby," "Paradise" - T. Morrison, "Just Above My Head" - J. Baldwin, "By the Light of My Father's Smile," "Possessing the Secret of Joy " - A. Walker, "The Stand" - S. King, "Invisible Man" - R. Ellison

Favorite types of characters: The ones with the subtle intricacies that make us all human... conflicting feelings, uncontrollable emotions, varying capacities to forgive and/or forget, and the tendency to construct for ourselves, and others, incredible problems, but not without the creativity to design even more incredible solutions

What inspires me to write: Life

Works in Progress: "Suicidal Tendencies" - novel length manuscript that I worked on over the course of two years, the story is complete, but I've set it aside until I sharpen my skills; "Denying Destiny" - essentially a novel idea, I have a lot of draft pieces that will hopefully make for an intense experience for both me and the reader; and an untitled collection of short stories I'm most currently working on that will focus on different life experiences for a variety of different narrators

Intrigued? You can reach me by: EMAIL -

Please take a moment, or ten, to check out my work... then if so inclined, drop me a line or two about what you think. All criticism is welcome!

Thank you for your support. Love and peace to you and yours...


Interests: It goes without saying that I love reading and writing, but my many other interests include music, movies, dancing, art, staying active and healthy, and having good times with good people.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Spared
  • Impulse
  • Waking Up