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Selina Wendt

Wrexham, United Kingdom


AOL: plushiegoth

Write about me? Well what do I say?
I suppose I should start by introducing myself. My name is Selina Elizabeth Wendt and I'm an 18 year old amateur writer from North Wales. I suppose to look at me, you'd just see another teenager. The sort of youth who hangs out in rock clubs, plays guitar, knows quite a bit about the whole teenager stuff. It's true, I'm not denying it. How fortunate it is to have a knowledge of such things, you know just what sort of people to target with your writing, just how to relate to them. I like to mix my knowledge in to fantasy writing, a crossover, fantasy fans and streetwise kids, two birds with one stone! *Grins*

So, whilst I'm bragging, or trying my best to, maybe I should tell you about my other influence for the pieces I write, why I see emotion, personality, relationships so important in my work. It's all to do with that nasty little illness called depression. The sort of illness which keeps you trapped behind a sheet of glass, recognising so many faces, then realising that none of those faces recognise you. Waking up in the afternoon and living for the nights where you'd sit around on the internet, or lie on your bed staring at the ceiling for hours, as blank as an unwritten poem. Depression isn't a nice thing to live with, but I'm a recovered depressive, after the unit and medication, I felt much better. But with everything you go through, with each hurdle you have to cross, you learn a new skill. My skill, mindfulness.

Notice the moment, live to see each leaf fall from a tree, to feel the breeze tickle idolly against your cheek, to see a roost of birds leave the trees in the evening, twittering away so melodically. The imagination can do such wonderful things if you let it.

And so I shall end my bio, with the hope that you won't find it too pompus sounding. And maybe, if you have the time, you'd like to read some of my stories, some of my poetry.

I write fantasy stories, I live to write about another realm, about its inhabitants, however bizarre, however vivid they may be. I like to make them spring to life, to make them people and not just words on the paper, to assist in opening the mind and expanding the imagination. That's why I write.

And my poetry. Some vulgar, other pieces more attractive to the reader. A few topics, though some controversial, but a poem for everybody.

And now, as I promised three paragraphs up, I must depart. It's late here in the Uk, I need my sleep and I'm sure I've said enough here. So, to the reader, take care and maybe, just maybe you'll see my book on the shelf of a shop one day!

Interests: Role Play, vampires, Music, Guitars, fantasy, demons, dragons, religion, stuff, depression

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • All Aboard - For Gwynedd & Clwyd