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Randy Leighton

Agent: big red
Östra Greda Föra, 1253
borgholm, Sweden

Email: randee@swipnet

MSN: none

I started out very young. I was just a kid then. The first couple of years I don't remember much. I slept a lot. After some rough starts, I became a hippy, it wasn't bad, but the hair kept getting in my eyes. So I joined the service and went to war. that wasn't bad either but the tears kept getting in my eyes.
After some rough starts. I met a long legged redhead. I was wearing glasses by then, and decided it was time to settle down. Of course when you settle down life catches up with you. Also I became aware of the fact we had to eat. I became a writer. That wasn't bad, except, rejection kept getting in the way of sucess. To out run rejection we moved to an island in the Baltic. That isn't bad, but the memories sometimes blind me. whactelman

Interests:  Shotguns-flyrods & dogs

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes