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Nobuyoshi Umezawa

Agent: none
3F TY Bldg 2-9-11, Misaki-cho, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, Japan



・CEO of Marketing Concept House,. Inc. (Japan) since 1983
・Consulting for Indian, Korean as well as Japanese Excellent Companies
・Full-time lecturer at Management School, Japan Management Association (JMA)
・Lecturer at New Merchandise College, Chubu Industrial League
・Lecturer at Small Business College, on creativity and new merchandise development
・Chairman at Association of Group Interview Researches
・Member of planning committee for the Center of Venture Business Meeting, Nikkei
・Lecturer of Culture and Information Science Department, Suruga-dai University, on consumer psychology

・”Study on Consumers for Product Development”, Nikkagiren, 1972, (co-authored)
・”Invitation to Survey of Consumer”, JFC, 1972, (co-authored)
・”How to Grasp Consumer Needs”, Diamond Inc., 1977, (co-authored)
・”Group Interview Research”, Diamond Inc., 1981
・”New Product Development in Food Industry”, Koseisya, 1983, (co-authored)
・”How to Change Consumer Needs into Hit Product”, Diamond Inc., 1984
・”Collection of Product Concepts based on Key Needs Method”, JMA, 1985
・”Grammar of Developing Hit Product”, Diamond Inc., 1986
・”Revolution Toward Efficient Company”, Diamond Inc., 1988
・”Manual for Developing Successful Product Concept”, JMA, 1988
・”MERIKIA Thinking - Never Give Up”, Diamond Inc., 1992
・”Manual for Developing Successful Product”, JMA, 1992
・”Practice of Group Dynamic Interviews”, Diamond Inc., 1993
・”The Law of Consumer Needs”, Diamond Inc., 1995
・”Consumer Evaluates It Twice”, Diamond Inc., 1997
・”The Law of Long-term No.1 products”, Diamond Inc., 2001
... Besides, there are large number of handbooks and theses for magazines.

・Training Course of Group Dynamic Interviews
・College for Developing New Product
・Improvement of Creativity, at Asahi-kawa campus, Seto campus, Tokyo campus, Hiroshima campus, Kansai campus of Small Business College
・Umezawa College for Group Dynamic Interviews

・C/P Balance Theory
: A theory that explains the reason why the product sells well
・Unsatisfied Needs Theory
: A theory that offers how to create attractive product concepts from the viewpoint of consumers.
・Concept Assessment Study (CAS)
: A strong and systematic method to easily complete unsatisfied and strong product concepts from the viewpoint of consumers. This is also an product assessment method.
・Idea Brush Up (IBU)
: A tool to uniquely improve naïve idea by utilizing power of group
・MERAKIA Thinking
: A method for coming up with creative idea against the conventional ordinary conception.
・AHA! Game
: A training game for conception of ideas in collaboration with both right and left brains, which is used as a warming-up to create a conception in a group by combining the knowledge variably and deliberately.

Interests:  New Product Development, Market Initiating Product, Consumer Needs, Group Dynamic Interview

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No