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Gayle Trent

Bristol, Virginia, United States


Home page:

I'm just a small-town girl who loves to write. My first novel, a romantic suspense titled PHOTO FINISH, was published in October of 1999. Since then, I've had a children's book published, MAMA LIKED BLUE (which won the 2001 Sime-Gen Reviewer's Choice Award for the category electronic children's/ young adult fiction), and have published several articles and essays. My essay "Byline" (title changed to "From Not to Hot") was accepted by Kay Allenbaugh to appear in CHOCOLATE FOR THE TEEN'S SPIRIT, available from Simon & Schuster in June of 2002. I also had an essay titled "The Gatekeeper" accepted for inclusion in THEIR MYSTERIOUS WAYS a Guidepost book about animals. It, too, will be available in June of 2002.

The idea for ANYTHING FOR A BUCK was born when I was traveling on a four-lane in Washington County, Virginia. It's not uncommon to see deer lying by the wayside there, but I came upon one that was still kicking. I swerved onto the side of the road but knew there was really nothing I could do. Crying, I drove up the road until I spotted a State Trooper. He was pulled over giving someone other than me a ticket. I interrupted the citation process to tell the Trooper of the deer's plight. He offered to send an animal control officer to shoot it. When I shouted "no" and started into a Lucy Ricardo wail, he promised to see if there was anything else that could be done.

I continue to write and try to save injured wildlife. One caveat: Mama Robins will swoop down on your head if you try to save their hatchlings from the cat, so you might want to leave those alone. Trust me on this one.

I'm currently trying to sell my first book in a mystery series. The book is currently titled THE PERFECT WOMAN and is about a group of ad execs who try to find "the perfect woman" in order to save their flagging ad agency. They interview a select group of women, and of course, the women start turning up dead. (It wouldn't be a mystery if they didn't, would it?)

Below is a full list of my writing credits:


Photo Finish, romantic suspense – Published Oct. '99 – Neighborhood Press Publishing Company – URL:

Mama Liked Blue, children's book – Published Jan. '01 – Kudlicka Publishing Company – URL:

Anything For A Buck, romantic comedy – July '01 –Sands Publishing Co. – URL:

Print Articles:

Various assigned articles from Construction Equipment Guide, including article "Virginia Tech, VDOT Put Smart Road To the Test", cover, April 4, 2001 (can be read at CEG's site at

"How to Have a Storybook Wedding Within Your Budget" The Dollar Stretcher - April '00

"Summer Boredom Busters" – The Dollar Stretcher – Aug. '00

"My Dog Thinks I'm A Sheep," City + Country Pets Magazine – May '01

"The Martha Washington Inn," Favorite Haunts – Oct. '01 (can be read online at FH site at

"Keeping Your Family from Destroying Your Business (And Vice Versa) – HOMEBusiness Journal - Jan./Feb. 2002

"Hikers Helping The Lost," Backpacker Magazine – April, 2002

"Byline" – Chocolate For A Teen's Spirit, edited by Kay Allenbaugh, to be released by Simon & Schuster in the Spring of 2002

"The Gatekeeper" – Their Mysterious Ways, to be released by Guidepost Books June 2002

"On Site In Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee" – Heavy Equipment News, Feb. 2002

Online Articles:

"Love Letters," – Feb. '01
"How To Breastfeed Your Twins" – – Feb. '01
"Be Careful, Little Sister"- Einkwell – Jan. '01
"My Dog Thinks I'm a Sheep"- Einkwell – Feb. '01
"Self-Promotion for the Emerging Writer" – – March 1, 2001
"How to Write a Business Plan" – Venture Portfolio – Jan. '01
"How to Value Your Business" – Venture Portfolio – Jan. '01
"Learning Experiences" – The Writing Parent – Nov. '00
"The Grandparent Connection" – At the Fence – Mar. '01
"The Martha Washington Inn" – Favorite Haunts – Oct. '01
"Surviving Snow Days" – Busy Freelancer – Jan. '02
"Interview with Fern Michaels" – Writing-World – April '02
"Interview with Susan Elizabeth Phillips" – Writing-World – April '02
"Ready, Set, Go" – Busy Freelancer – Jul. '02

Interests: Humor, mystery-suspense, romance, essays, parenting, animals/pets, writing, children's books/articles

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


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