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Jim Higgins

Agent: Higgiland Enterprises

glasgow, United Kingdom


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The meanings of words and expressions have changed - like spastic and cerebral palsy. I was born in the 1940's and through injury at birth with a forceps delivery - there was no compensation culture then. I was described as having infantile paralyses. It was when I attended a school for disabled children, I discovered that I was a spastic attending a special school. After my schooling I attended the Rotary Centre for Spastics. and the National Spastic Training Centre, where I did an engineering course, and was head-boy in the early swinging-sixties. I am now sixty-seven years old, and I have witnessed and experienced most things, the good, the bad and the funny. I have written about them in my "SHAKING" trilogy: SHAKING - HEAD BOY - STILL SHAKING.

As an author and playwright I am disadvantaged because of my cerebral palsy, and shaking hands when I write my signature it is always different, which would be an obstruction at a book-signings! Even typing with one finger I sometimes tend to shake and hit two keys at one, or the the typewriter key adjacent to the one which I intended hitting and have to delete, which takes me longer to write my manuscripts. However, I get the satisfaction of knowing that I have written them and do all the work myself, not like those so-called celebrities who get ghost-writers to write their books, and then go to book signings and take all the credit.

I have also written my two "THE ENCHANTED NURSERY" books: "NESSIE'S FRIENDS" and "THE ENCHANTED NURSERY 2." I am currently pursuing screenplay adaptations. I have already written four scripts, two - a full-length comedy drama, and a half-hour comedy, which are based, loosely - on chapters from my trilogy. Also a adaptation of one of my five stories from "The Enchanted Nursery". My other screenplays are: "SHOULD WE STILL GO?", "A GOOD MOVE" and "JIMMY". I am pursuing television and film production companies with a view to producing something different, which would be of interest, and in addition give many a-good-laugh to millions around the World. Readers of my books have stated that they wood make good monies or television serials/series, and the children books, theme-park rides!

I hope that my writing will demonstrate to the disabled - which there millions around the World - and their families, friends and work colleagues that people/sufferers with cerebral palsy or being a spastic can achieve their potential. Disability can happen to anyone, any-time, any-place, anywhere!

Kind regards,

Jim Higgins, Higgiland Enterprises.

Interests: Reading, books, newspapers and magazines and writing books, plays and screenplays adaptations from my literature video recording, computing, the theatre and cinema, museums and travel. Assisting my local community as a member of the committee of managemen

Published writer: Yes

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  • STILL SHAKING by Jim Higgins