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Gloria Isherwood

Quesada, Rojales, Spain


I have wanted to write for years, but as you do, you always find excuses or other things to do instead. I am now 46yrs old and have just bought a villa in Spain with some splendid veiws, and now its my time to write.
I have travelled and lived abroad most of my life, as an Army Kid, then looked after my mother-in-law for 15yrs, who was mentally ill, as well as bringing up my two boys, and three foster teenagers.
We fostered for 10 yrs, and took our extented family all over the USA many times, and we had great adventures. We also stayed on my dads farm in Aurora, near Toronto, where he has lived for almost ten years now.
I have been told on many occasions I have a vivid imagination, its probably why I've been voted President on our community, I've managed to get a lot of things finished only by threatening to write a book on the many problems we have had with the builders, and I have many contacts that could give them bad some bad press, and stop the thousands buying homes here in the sun. Its worked up to now, but I can't threaten much more, as our builders, so we have been informed, are Spanish Mafia, and I don't want to become another assinated president, before I get published. Hopefully our community pool will be finished next week, and I will be able to lay beside it with my lap-top and write my much reseached new novel.

Interests: swimming, being president of a large community, computors, puzzles,counselling,sewing,painting,DIY,

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Freelance: No