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Ametis Azure Kianin-Zinni De Moniatis

Burj Khalifa ( I Live betwixed London & Dubai ), Dubai
Bur Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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AOL: amet48

Born in Cyprus my father was in the military so travelling was part of my life.

Came to England when I was 5, grew up in London, school education was an insight
and I did not realise at the time how much profound effect and influence my
teachers would have on my life as I got older, the words of wisdom, their guidance
and effort they invested in me.

I believe that we all have a mentor that takes us from level to level in life, when we
reach a certain level, we are moved on to the next, never ending education and
realisation, we than return this by helping others.

My writings are based on my experiences while growing up, from having seen Old
men, women and children being killed by bombs or bullets.... later on in life I myself
having experienced the feel of bullets past my ears, its only when you see the
windscreen shatter do you realise that it was not a bumble bee.... I have travelled
and lived in Most Middle east countries including Saudi, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, and
Africa Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, not forgetting Europe of course and all the countries
I have not listed....

With a pedigree like mine, I follow no one particular faith, in 1984 while working in
Saudi Arabia I did go on the Hajj, it was an experience not to be missed in
appreciating what we have, and to see the people of 2 nations that are supposed to
be at war, marching side by side and sharing food and water, most of all

In 1984 after my 3rd out of body experience my attitude to life changed, I became
more on the path of the spiritual and devoting time to help others...

Next year I hope to finish my books I have been working on, 2 of them are thrillers,
both of which are based on real events and my experiences in those events, and the
3rd my poems I have written to my lovers of which I have no shame in admitting I
have had many, until I met LOve of my life , whom I love with my life and soul, she
is to me as is the sun to flowers, when she is not near me I feel as if life is being
sucked out of me and am being deprived of Oxygen...

I love her with all my might and she has again restored in the the inspiration that
has been dormant for the past 3 years, I look forward to sharing this journey of life
with her till eternity..

Freelance: Yes available for assigments into Middle east, with particular experience
of Iraq,Saudi,Kuwait

Interests: Cooking, Traveling, lovely food, poetry, swimming, shopping Stimulate my Brain and the rest will follow....

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes