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Tracey McBride

Orange County, California, United States


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When Americans look for frugal luxuries they turn to Tracey McBride. By way of her books, newsletters, and repeat appearances on television shows such as "The Carol Duvall Show", "Smart Solutions", "DIY Crafts", and NBC news (Los Angeles affiliate), Tracey McBride shares her wisdom on how to cultivate the intangible gifts we receive when we create nurturing homes, share luscious yet simple meals with family and friends, combine luxury and economy, and cultivate our imaginations and dreams without spending a cent.
Surrounded by books at an early age, Tracey took refuge in their cousel as she sought simple ways to transform the mundane into the magical. As the youngest of four children (and the only girl) Tracey assumed many domestic responsibilities at an early age, as her mother struggled with the debilitating disease, Multiple Sclerosis. Tracey developed her passion for the tangible as well as intangible aspects of life as she taught herself to craft something from nothing and make "every day a feast", all the while remembering what is truly of value in life...time, loved ones, and an inner sense of prosperity.
In 1993, Tracey McBride began sharing her observations and ideas with others in her quarterly newsletter, "Frugal Luxuries". Her unique philosophy of marrying luxury with economy has caused a tremendous stir in the voluntary simplicity movement, and is the focus of her books "Frugal Luxuries" and "Frugal Luxuries by the Seasons".
Tracey McBride teaches and speaks on behalf of numerous organizations, and supports animal and children's charities. She lives in southern California with her family, four cats, and an errant labrador, in a cottage she purchased at a rummage sale.

Interests: Simple pleasures that enhance life and comfort my soul such as, home spun philosophy, reading, art, crafts (as well as many other aspects of existance which mingles the intangible with the tangible) .

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  • Frugal Luxuries by the Seasons: Celebrate Holidays with Elegance and Simplicity--On any Income
  • Frugal Luxuries: Simple Pleasures to Enhance Your Life and Comfort Your Soul