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Edmundo Bennett Durell

Paseo de San Roberto 222, Misión de Guadalupe,
Monterrey,, Mexico


Closing into five decades, of which most of them spent in México and Latin America, where my parents relocated from the States due to their business activities. Fully bilingual both English and Spanish, fluent in Portuguese a close kin to the later, and confident in managing a socially acceptable French. Am a Food Engineer by training, have traveled extensively through Latin America, love to cook and develop new food recipes, concoctions and the like. After some years spent as a closet writer, have decided to dare to come out into the open, and let the world become aware of my former inclinations, to write, and write, and write. Have decided in doing so, because I sincerely felt that it was due time to start looking for nourishment for the soul. A rare ingredient in these fast pacing, modern world of ours.

My general scope in writing is to raise concern about the best qualities in human beings, how their actions overcome difficulties and challenges. The background on some of them, is set in locations where interaction between humans and nature are key to the development. Others center in the interaction between peoples of different backgrounds and social standing. One of my favorites is set in the canvas of former historical events, the Mexican-American War. All having in common the power of human spirit struggling and overcoming odds, be them spiritual, material or ecological.

Have an assembly of short stories, a couple of movie manuscripts, a complete novel in handwriting, and one finished novel targeted for young adults, which at this point is closely evaluated by a prestigious Latin American Editorial company.

Would love to extend further but to honor fairness, let´s try to keep this simple and short.

Edmundo Bennett Durell

Interests: Nature, Nature conservancy, Interaction between humans and their environment, Improvement of human relationships, boosting comprehension of daily events. Exploring the human side of events and how they are shaped or changed by everyday common people, stru

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes