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Jeff Dean

Agent: Yes
1107 E.L. Johnson Road
Little Rock, Mississippi, United States


Home page:

J. Lewis Dean, (Jeffrey Lewis Dean) a Mississippi based writer, 40 years old, born in Meridian, Mississippi in November 61. He grew up mainly in the south Alabama area of Mobile. He lived in many different locations in and around the Mobile area. He attended many schools there. His father along with Jeff’s two older brothers being quite accomplished musicians, along with Jeff attending many different schools, afforded him the opportunity to meet and be influenced by a number of diverse people.
Jeff grew up in a chaotic time in America, for the Civil Rights movement for blacks was taking place and Jeff witnessed evidence of this chaotic time right there in his own school. There were numerous riots between black students and white students, and he saw evidence of it when on such days that the Ku Klux Klan would show up at his school wearing their white robes and handing out applications for membership to the students.
Also the war in Vietnam was underway as Jeff grew up, and some boys from his neighborhood were being called up to go and fight a world away. Jeff witnessed this on the news every evening seeing young Americans fighting and so many flag covered caskets coming home. He listened to his father and other people speak of what was happening over there in a place called Vietnam.
The biggest influence in Jeff’s writing, especially the writing about soldiers, comes from his late uncle Harold. Harold was a disabled combat veteran of World War Two. U.S. Army 3rd Infantry European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign. Harold went into the war at the age of seventeen years old, and he did not return until the war against the Germans was over and settled.
Harold served two enlistments in the war, and saw some of the bloodiest combat in history. After the war, Harold was severely disabled emotionally and physically. He suffered greatly from what is now known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
He was a quiet and withdrawn man after the war, and the only time he ever spoke a word about the war was during a flashback. He rarely spoke a word at all. His uncle Harold cried often just sat in his room with his head in his hands crying. Jeff was too young to understand, he just knew that it had to be something bad to make a grown man sit and cry alone like that.
On a few occasions Harold attempted to take his own life, the pain was so bad. Jeff witnessed all of this in his Uncle Harold, and though he was too young to understand at the time, the memories of what he saw in his uncle, stuck in his mind and in his heart.
Harold died at the age of forty-two years old in 1967 when Jeff was 6 years old. He remembers the beautiful military funeral and the honor the soldiers expressed and showed at laying such a man to peace.
Today Jeff is a grown man with his own demons that he has had to face, none of which stems from the horrors of war of course since Jeff was never a soldier. He remembers the horror and look in his uncle’s eyes, and try’s an honorable attempt to say for Uncle Harold, the things his heart and mind would not let him say when he was alive.
So sit back and enjoy the following poems, as Jeff gives a voice to those silenced forever. Get to know Uncle Harold through Jeff’s pen, and get to know just how very expensive this freedom that we have here in America was and is for our soldiers, both the ones that fell on the battlefields and jungles, and those that survived and brought the hell home with them in their hearts and minds for a lifetime.

Literary Accolades And Accomplishments:::

Letters from Presidents Regan, Bush Sr. Clinton and Carter.
Personal telephone call and letter from then Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole.
Inclusion in Turner Network Television’s Operation TNT Special.
A collection of poems accepted into the archives of Arlington National Cemetery
By the Department of The United States Army.
1997 Poet Of Merit Award, International Society Of Poets.
Editors Choice Award, Society of American Poets.
Editors Choice Award, University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) Literary Review.
Materials published in book anthologies, magazines, newsletters and news papers.
DISTANT ECHOES, a veteran’s literary journal.
Isle Of View Anthology.
Reviews at the University of Mississippi Ole Miss, Mississippi State University
University of Southern Mississippi, and Society of Mississippi Poets.
A collection of picked poems, distributed to patients at the V.A. hospital in Jackson,
Mississippi by the hospital director.
Affilliated with B.M.I. ( Broadcast Music Inc.) in Nashville, TN, for songwriting.
Also is often a columnist for newspapers here in Mississippi

Interests: I enjoy writing of course about all topics, but mainly focus on short stories, war poetry and songwriting. I also enjoy painting with acrylics. Hunting whitetail deer and wild turkeys.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • As A Rebel Sings A Song
  • The Next Soldier Thats Fell
  • Old Soldier's Souls
  • The Same Old Sad Refrain
  • Back Home In Alabam
  • An Angel In Green
  • That Black Granite Wall
  • Red Roses
  • Tonight Around The Fire
  • The Spirit Of The Soldier American Pride
  • A Dream Of Farewell
  • In Memory Of Uncle Harold, The Soldiers of Our Future And Those Back Then
  • Other

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