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Puffer Gal

Puff, Malaysia


Home page:

MSN: puffergal137

Well, I think I am "published". Does writing a thesis for a masters course count as being a published writer? :o) Well, I currently live in Malaysia but I spent 7 years of my life in Melbourne. I have been writing since I was 12, though none of it has been published, mostly personal writings. To help curb my need to be published (admittedly, I have never submitted any of my writings to a publishing board, mainly for fear of rejection I think), I created a website and I now have a small (but growing) and loyal following.

What do I write about? Well, anything and everything really. I have been told that I have an ability of looking at things from a different perspective.

I write because I like to write. I write because if I don't, I will explode. I write because it's part of me.

Interests: writing (surprise, surprise :o) ), reading, scuba diving, working out in the gym, computer games, budget travelling / backpacking, anything car related

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes