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Camille Adams

Agent: Howard Ely
diego martin, Trinidad and Tobago


Hi ,my name is Camille.I am a poet and as far as i know,I have been one all my life.I use poetry as my diary ,my expression of self.As a documentation of my life and all my varying moods ,levels of understanding and as a memorial of all the "me's"i've ever been.
You know how sometimes in life you feel as if no one in the world could have experienced the same extent of hurt ,joy,pain ,ecstasy,truth,sadness...etc.that you have.And then their comes along this one song,or quotation or poem that perfectly embodies who you (the true,unrevealed ,untouched and unknown you)really are.Well that is my only hope for my poetry in relation to others.To say,'hey,there is someone who has been there too .''Cause personally ,i think i've travelled roads some may not even be aware of;a compilation of both hills and valleys .But then again,it is both the sun and the rain that create the rainbow.
The fullness that i have gained in life has come in thwe most surprising of forms ;that is knowledge,the harvest of every experience.And empathy,the ability to forge on,and the strength of love .
I enjoy the art of using words to denote and inspire emotion.It is one of my greatest joys .I wish for any who may read my work ,the same pleasure I felt in its creation ,and the the hope that you too will find that truthful enactment of your natural innate passion.
God bless.

Interests: Poetry,reading ,literature ,public speaking ,dsebate ,yoga,philosophy,singing,music[most kinds]environmental causes,psychology,counselling,meeting new people,travelling,drama,theatre,et al.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No