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Gerrit Vermeulen

Outjo, Namibia


I looked behind me, and saw this creature with hair on his back, red eyes, with sharp, long nails inching to scratch me.
It swung its fist to me; I ducked then quickly ran outside as fast as I could. I was too scared too look behind me. I heard its footsteps behind me. "Alice!" I screamed. "Alice, where are you?" I ran away, as fast as I could. I never ran so fast in my live. My foot caught a lose stone on the ground and WHAM! On the ground. I looked back and it took his nails and swung its fist to me.

Interests: I like to write horror stories. fiction stories, and so on. But I don't write dramas, romance. I am buzy with "Terror in Africa." And I'm hoping to finish it in September 2002. I Live in Africa Namibia

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No