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Ryan Matthew McHardy

Church Hill Subdivision
Nassau, Bahamas



Hello Out There,
I am an energetic and fun loving 20 year old, who enjoys the creative processes involved with constructing a novel. I am a Pisces,
the chameleon of the zodiac, and that enables me to blend and adapt myself to virtually any situation. This metamorphic disposition
manifests itself into my writing, as I am not restricted to a particular genre. When it comes to my craft, I am like mother nature in all her
glory. My style can be commanding and electrifying like a lightning strom, cool and soothing like summer rain, and as awe inspiring as
the changing of the seasons. I believe the diversity of my personality allows me to touch on a myriad of themes in my writing. I guess
I am what you would consider a tuna in the ocean of aspiring and established writers on the literary scene today, but despite the fact
that I am relatively new and unexperienced, I can GUARANTEE the name Ryan Matthew McHardy is one that will become synonymous
with great writing. It is my firm conviction that my talent as a writer is my gift to the world. My first book is still a work-in-progress, but
it is a period novel set against the backdrop of a fictional war between the Greek and Roman empires. Caught in the midst of the chaotic
civil unrest, is a young Greek prince whose sexual orientation may prove to give the Roman empire the upper hand they've been
waiting for. The title of the book is "My Kingdom", and trust me this is the one you've been praying for. It has everything from love and
betrayal, to war and peace. I need an agent and a book deal, so for all you agents and publishers, look no further you've found your
golden child.

Interests: Travelling Meeting New and Interesting People Debating/Public Speaking Emersing myself in exotic foreign cultures.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes