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Alejandro Orozco

San Miguel Chapultepec, Mexico


My name is Alejandro Orozco. I was born in and obscure cavern a thousand years ago and have mastered the art of awaiting. In the beginning of time, when it was only me and my ideas, I learned how to craft them, turn them into recognizable phrases for others. Then I came into this world, a place humans call Mexico City. Here, in the city of poluted souls and dispair, I have been published by several magazines and newspapers. In state, I was honored by the Carmen Baena National Writers award, given by the City of Morelia.

A few years ago (eight, in human terms) I flirted with TV screenwriting, a noble yet seldom rewarding office and got my work filmed (seven short stories) and aired in all Latin America by an American Broadcasting Company named Universal. Years later, the unpublished novel I'd written about the Second Comming and the end of the world was acquired by an independent Film Company and was filmed as a TV miniseries. I even got the trailer on VHS!

Now, on the process of finishing my second novel, I still await (since I'm the master of this craft) for some precious soul who will represent me in all my writing affairs.

Only then I become human...

(By the way, I write in Spanish. So forgive my bad English)

Interests: Fiction (short story, novel and screenplay)I am interested in writing for the movies and TV. Also, I am working on my second novel.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes