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Meghan Brunner

Maple Grove, Minnesota, United States


Home page:

I doubt I will distinguish myself by saying that my story is as much a part of me as blood, or breath, or bone. After all, every writer is passionate about his or her work. Many, in their enthusiasm, will even claim to be the next Mercedes Lackey or Stephen King.

I am not. They are extraordinarily talented individuals, and the world will benefit from more books by those authors, but it will not benefit from more authors who think they can write those books. My stories have their own niche to carve. Or more precisely, their own holes to fill.

I have noticed a disturbing gap in the literary world: I have yet to find a story set wholly in the rich culture of a Renaissance Faire.

So far I have completed the top of my cork. _From the Ashes_ chronicles the adventures of a wide-eyed rookie, a troupe of Gypsy “road-rennie” performers, and their friends during the seven-weekend run of the Pendragon Renaissance Faire. Although they overcome foes ranging from broken hearts and evil ex-boyfriends to a host of the Shadow Fae, their adventures are not over. The sequel (_Into the Storm_) is now available, and I am currently at work on the third book in the Pendragon Trilogy: _Toward the Fates_. Further books will continue the Gypsies’ romps through other Faires.

If the thought of reading about a rich, yet mostly-hidden culture populated with zany, endearing, and memorable characters piques your interests, please feel encouraged to visit my website at ... or email me at the address listed there.

After all, I'm probably up writing.

Interests: Renaissance Festival/Faires, drawing, writing-writing-writing, horseback riding, music (playing it and listening to it... I have an ever-growing "stable" of instruments) and just about anything else of a creative bent.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • From the Ashes
  • Into the Storm