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Selina Sikder

Agent: Patrick Lennon
51 Cedar Street, Apt # 4112
Woburn, Massachusetts, United States



Selina Shireen Sikder

Writers Profile

Selina Shireen Sikder, born in Mymensigh city, Bangladesh in 1967, holds B.Sc. (hons) and M.Sc. degree in Psychology from Dhaka University. Selina herself began writing story in the form of fairytales as a child and continues as a charismatic writer for children and teenagers. Her fairytales are different from traditional fairytales and universal that we hear from granny. “In her fairytales Selina always try to create a universal humanity which is appears unusual to me…” says Mr. Shubrato Barua, Writer and one of the Director of Bangla Academy.

Selina likes to explore her creative self and her one of the experimental truth-seeking philosophical writing is “Micro stories” the shortest and condensed form of story, which she calls “Anu Golpo”.

Selina also writes poems and short verses. Her short verses are particularly influenced by Sufism. She has a special fascination on folk life, art and folk literature.

From her practical experience Selina writes articles on gender issues and psychological issues in Bangladesh, child creativity and her experience with children especially vulnerable street children in different region of the South Asia. These articles are published in different daily English newspapers and magazines in Bangladesh.

She also enjoys drawing and painting.

1) Bayet (short verses) Published by University Press, 1996
2) Arunalok: Adhunik Rupkatha (Modern fairytales) Published by Bangla Academy, 1996.
3) Rajorshi Imago abong Anyanyo Rupkatha (Modern fairytales) Published by Young writers project, Bangla Academy, 1996.
4) Adhunik Rupkatha (Modern fairytales) Published by Remon Publishes, 1997.
5) Adhunik Rupkatha (A collection of her fairytales) Published by Mowla Brothers, 2002.
6) Anu Golpo : Micro Stories (English & Bangla) Published by Xpressive Canvas, 2003.

Awards and Honors:
1) National: Best Short Story Writer, Young Writers’ Project of Bangla Academy, the national organization of art and letters.

2) Experimental short story known as Anu Golpo got place in the collection of hundred year’s short stories of Bangla literature, edited by Dr. Mahbub Hasan, published by Ayan Prokashon, 2002.

3) International: Star Woman 1997 (literature) 8th star girls and women international awards 1997.
She also got a fellowship from institute of children’s literature, Connecticut, USA, and has received training on desktop publishing, training on digital library from Human Info, Belgium.
Selina also worked with vulnerable children and women, helping them develop their creative self-expression. Develop and edited a bilingual (English and Bangla) magazine named “BagAzine” designed on unprivileged child’s creativity and participation. It’s only its kind in Bangladesh. She also works directly and developed an issue on discriminations in several languages ( French, German, and Italian )which are distributed and well appreciated in Switzerland, Europe on child rights day 2003.

Interests: Folklore, Experimental fiction, Poetry, Short verses, Children's literature, Fairytale, Article on psychology, creativity and gender.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Boyet 2