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John Roberson

Chicago, Illinois, United States


Home page:

Yahoo: bottomless_studio

"He is grateful that he only has twelve readers, as he fears a thirteenth might betray him."--John Barth

Cartoonist, Writer, and Editor

John Linton Roberson was raised in Charleston, SC, much to his regret. In 1987 he entered the Goodman School of Drama at DePaul University, at the time the third-best dramatic conservatory in America, in the great city of Chicago, where he now resides after a seven-year stay in northern California.

John shared with famous alumni Linda Hunt and Daryl Hannah the distinction of failing his second-year evaluation, after which he pursued a seven-year career as a playwright, taking the blame for such productions as "Suspension of Disbelief"(Workshop version, Clone Theatre Co., 1989), "Matty Groves"(Loyola, 1989), the original stage version of "Vitriol," and "The Instinctive Hatred of Reality"(the latter two produced by Screaming Theatre, 1992).

In 1997, John chose to concentrate on the more unplumbed artistic depths of comics, adapting his black comedies for the medium in the quarterly satirical comic PLASTIC (1997-2001, 8 Issues), which he published through his Bottomless Studio imprint (now available at which serialized chapters 1-9 of his acclaimed 12-part black comedy, VITRIOL, now complete.

He also has been seen at with his satirical strip "Slash & Burn," and was recently seen alongside the likes of Tony Millionaire, R. Crumb, Sam Henderson and Art Spiegelman in the anthology LEGAL ACTION COMICS.

In Winter of 2002 John edited and published(in partnership with Unbound) the very first major comics anthology published as an e-book, the benefit for Bill & Nadine Loebs WORKING FOR THE MAN(also available), featuring the likes of Salgood Sam, Donna Barr, John Garcia, Sam Henderson, Charles Alverson, Janet Harvey, Joe Blackmon, P. Craig Russell, Steve Bissette, Sam Keith and many more. This also gave him the opportunity to begin his collaboration with HELP alumnus Charles Alverson, former collaborator with Harvey Kurtzman and Terry Gilliam(JABBERWOCKY, and the original draft of BRAZIL).

In his few spare hours, John has written reviews & essays on the cinema for and about whatever in politics is pissing him off at the moment at

In the summer of 2004, he directed the successful official premiere, for Theatre O' Th' Absurd at Chicago Actor's Studio, his much-requested cult classic and "utterly irredeemable" (Jennifer Vanasco, CHICAGO READER) black comedy "Suspension of Disbelief."

Most recently he has delved into erotica, and created the characters "Rosa & Annalisa" and "Vladrushka" for various stories long and short for Eros/Fantagraphics, including "Red Star," "October Surprise," and the upcoming "Soft Ceiling" and "a.".

Upcoming works include "Daddy" and "the Story of Oh!" both again with Charles Alverson, and his long-developing project "Falling Sky." As well as anything else he gets an urge to do.

Please go to for details of all these works.

His main influences include Dave Sim, John Barth, Michael O'Donoghue, Flannery O'Connor, Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Durang, Terry Southern, David Lynch, Charles Schulz, Guido Crepax, Lindsay Anderson & Peter Barnes. John takes his inspiration from Michael O'Donoghue's oft-repeated sentiment that there is no difference between horror and humor. He's probably wrong, but try telling him that. Crazy people laugh at everything, after all.

Trivia: He is the great-grandson of the inventor of the stoplight, and went to DePaul at the same time as Gillian Anderson. (He did not, however, know her, but will lie about it.)

Thanks for choosing his work to rot your minds.

Interests: Theatre, horror, humor, film, comics, literature, black comedy, absurdism, and many more.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Vitriol
  • Plastic Vol. 1: 1-8
  • Menage A Trois #3 featuring "October Surprise"
  • Menage A Trois #3: October Surprise
  • "Red Star"
  • Scripts

  • Suspension of Disbelief