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Alan Arlt

New York, New York, United States


Home page:

Alan Arlt was born in Minneapolis Minnesota. The
youngest of two, he was raised on a 10-acre hobby
farm 20 miles south of Minneapolis. After graduating
from high school, Arlt attended the University of
Montana and majored in Journalism for three years
before transferring to the University of Minnesota. At
Minnesota he changed his major and graduated with
a double major in English. Arlt credits authors/
professors Debra Earling (University of Montana) and
Alexs D. Pate (University of Minnesota) as major
influences while attending college.

Said Arlt in 2001: "(Debra and Alexs) both
encouraged their students to take chances with plot
and structure. They supported and welcomed total
freedom to experiment. For me, that freedom
opened many creative windows ."

After receiving his degree, Arlt moved to New York
City. From 1996 - 2000, Arlt spent his nights writing
and researching his first novel in a small apartment
in Greenwich Village. The Carper Frogs: Music After
Tomorrow was published in September 2001, just
days after the September 11th attacks on the World
Trade Center.

"I've always dreamed of being in a rock band. But I
realized at a very early age that I have zero musical
talent. So writing about a rock band is a way to fulfill
that dream for me," said Arlt in 2001. "I wanted the
novel to have the look and feel of a struggling band's
demo tape. I was very particular with how the cover
was designed. I wanted (the book's cover) to
resemble a poorly packaged CD you'd find under
your couch while cleaning. That is one of the reasons
I refused to have it printed in hard cover."

Adding to the feel of a rock album, Arlt labeled
different sections of the book as "tracks" instead of
"chapters" and listed instruments that each character
played at the beginning of the track. How the novel
is interpreted by the reader was also important, a
result of Arlt experimenting with a non-linear

"I wanted the novel to have the capacity to be
interpreted a number of ways depending on the
reader just like song lyrics can have different
meanings depending on the listener."

Arlt is currently traveling the U.S. researching his
next book, an untitled Civil War novel. His next novel
will also contain a famous historical character like
The Carpet Frogs, which featured John Lennon.

Said Arlt recently: "At this early stage in the process,
it's safe to say that Walt Whitman will play a part."

Arlt is also collaborting on a screenplay that he
hopes will be completed by late 2004. "My writing
partner and I are both working on other projects, so
the screenplay may take longer than expected."

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Carpet Frogs: Music After Tomorrow