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Jaqueline Martinez

Cape Town, South Africa


Where to from here? This is not a question I ask in desperation, rather I ask myself this question in anticipation of where this interesting, yet hectic, life of mine will take me next.

I write. I stop. I live. I write. I fall in love. I stop. I live. I write. I travel. I write. I live. I stop. I rest.
I started writing as a teenager. At the age of 14 I had completed a book of horror / suspense stories. I still have these.

I have been writing for 16 years and while my main focus is prose, some time ago I wrote a book of poetry (a hobby I enjoy on the side).

Currently I'm working on a book of Mystery stories (which is three quarters complete).

I'm also on the 70th page of my novel combining South African and Latin culture, as well as significant pieces of history. The substance of this novel is based on an Internet romance.

I am a dedicated writer and believe in my talent. I'm sure that when I find a good agent, my writing career will soar.

Interests: Writing, writing and writing! Okay, writing, photography, reading, travelling, music, clothing design and people.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes