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Joshua Mitchell

119 East Derwent Highway, Lindisfarne
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


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There are those in the human race who are writers, and there are those who simply want to be. The way to distinguish between the two is the passion. While one man is blessed with an ability to easily comprehend and compose the English language, there are those of us whose writing comes from within the heart.

It is this writer, the one who lives for the next word, that this world is in need of now. In a world where even the cinema is slowly degrading into a collection of copycats, there are people who are needed to stand up and begin to once more take the weapon of penmanship back into the war.

My writing is my existence. Should no one ever publish anything that I write - I will still write. Should there be someone who wishes to take my talent on board, then I will be so much better for it.

Feel free to visit my website - - for some samples of my poetry, songs and short stories.


Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes