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Brian Lott

Vienna, Austria


Brian Lott
Custozzagasse 5/8
A-1030 Vienna-Europe
43680 313 4529/Cellular Phone

Shape Shifters
By Brian Lott

Shape Shifters...a very good reason to be afraid of things that go bump in the
night...and in the light of day as well.

Crosses and Shapes

Blood dripped down the cross and fell to the ground in little drops that sounded
increasingly loud. Yet, not a word was uttered from the man called Jesus, who
remained calm despite the obvious pain being inflicted. From hard soil came small
blossoms of green where before were only drying drops of blood, which raised a stir
in the men standing around the cross. At the same moment, a bolt of dark streaked
across the skies like a demon wind bent for destruction.

Wind and rain pelted the land like a battering ram from above, and with it swept the
blood droplets from the man to the greedy soil below and beyond. Mixed with the
rain and wind, small blossoms of green began to appear and grown in the soil
around the temple of crucifixion. Many of the soldiers cried out in fear at the scene
before them, and some began to run in terror. And from the wind came a howl of
angelic anguish that increased until it was nearly deafening. The rain was slamming
to the ground in a way that was like rocks instead of water.

Charad held his ground and ordered the remaining men to raise the cross and fix it
to the ground. He looked to the man suspended from his hands, and for a moment
saw in the eyes his childhood friend instead of the shell of a human being. Charad
shook from stress, anger and fear, and cursed the woman who put him into this
fixture of executioner and damned all rolled into one.

"You bastard, you would have me die as an animal, rather than a man." Jesus
screamed and pulled against the stakes holding him to the cross. "All because we
slept with the same whore."BP Austria is of one of the world's largest energy
companies, providing its customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and
light, retail services and petrochemicals products for everyday items Work includes
PR, Marketing, Contracts, and Promotional Site English materials.

VA TECH/SAT-ELIN - a focused Technology and Service Company. The listed VA
Technologie AG (VA TECH) is a focused Technology and Service Company which
provides value to customers over the entire plant life cycle. Leading international
positions are held in Metallurgy,Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
and Infrastructure. On-going technical writing of documents and manuals for the
diverse company needs.

Alcatel provides communications solutions to telecommunication carriers, Internet
service providers and enterprises for delivery of voice, data and video applications
to their customers or employees. Alcatel brings its leading position in fixed and
mobile broadband networks, applications and services, to help its partners and
customers build a user-centric broadband world. This work included all information
related to contracts and PR material.

FREQUENTIS develops Communication and Information Systems for safety
critical areas. With a market share of 30 % in the field of Voice Communication for
Air Traffic Control the Austrian high-tech company has become the worlds market
leader in this sector. The superior technology and usability offered by its systems
are also used in Public Safety (for rescue, police and fire-fighting), the Maritime
Business, TETRA digital mobile radio-communications, as well as Railways and
Public Transport. This included Technical material, and all information related to
said business practices. Worked directly with senior management regarding various
PR projects.

Kapsch AG, an Austrian based telecommunication company and their sister
companies that extend into virtually every country in Eastern Europe, and Russia
as well. Work includes, but is not limited to: Technical Writing, Annual Report and
Advertising Copy Writing. A large part of this work was related to the copy writing
of said material for technical publications both in hard copy, and for the Intranet as
well. This was based on the telecommunication equipment designed and produced
by Kapsch AG, and was in a full range from hardware and software applications, to
the equipment that was used in various countries. Also acted as a consultant on
sensitive material used for negotiation correspondence between Kapsch AG and
the potential partner companies around the world.

Grundig Austria which was a part of the German based television manufacturing
corporation. Duties included Technical Writing and various PR functions. Within
this, I was responsible for editing of the annual report, technical manuals on
operations, and of technical data information used by the engineers who designed
the assembly machine lines. A large part of this concerned the designs of
machinery and how it was to be used and manufactured.

Philips Vienna of which said entity is a part of the multinational and diverse
electronics manufacturing conglomerate. These responsibilities include work based
on the needs of public relations, presentations and contract negotiation material.
One interesting factor was the challenge to provide print ready operations material
that could be used by the Purchasing department head and his various associates
in different countries. This was an on-going project as the needs of Philips Vienna
changed with the business cycle.

Political editor for a weekly newspaper based in Vienna, Austria. Main focus of this
position was general reporting of current political events in Austria and Central
Europe, and of the situations related to the European Union.
Food Columnist: This was based on the new trends in food and wine in Europe,
with a focus on the Austrian market. In addition, the column regularly featured self-
generated recipes and food reviews with an international slant.

Editor and columnist for men's magazine based in California, U.S.A. Task
assignment was to edit all feature material for accuracy and quality, and to write
topical articles for BI-monthly publication. Additional duties included the writing of
advertising copy for a variety of firms and products.

Feature columnist for a weekly North American entertainment publication. Column
focused a satirical/serious slant on regional business and entertainment figures. In
addition, I was responsible for Celebrity Profiles, Human Interest Stories, and Life's

Columnist: Automotive Q & A, Human Interest, Lifestyle and Trends.
Research Editor: Duties included background material acquisition and
Photographic Editor: Photographer for editorial copy and advertising. This included
the proofing of all freelance submissions.

Additional experience includes: Technical Industry writing in various fields, General
Topic Research, and Food Historian.

Interests: Fiction that takes me out of this universe and into a far less complicated one, at least for the reader. And if that fails to work, then I am often found conjuring up some food realted concoction to be served to unsuspecting dining guests.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes