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Alma Hromic

Palm City, Florida, United States


I was born with ink in my veins, in a town on the banks of an ancient river, in a country which no longer exists.
I lived in three different homes before I was ten years old, and then left the country of my birth, never to live there again.
In the years that followed I attended six or seven different schools and a university famous for being linked to the hospital
where the world's first heart transplant took place, learned to speak three-and-a-smattering languages and write fluently in two
of them, and lived in five different countries. I once described myself as a professional tumbleweed, but the term probably
doesn't being to cover my voyaging. I was, as the song goes, born under a wan'dring star.

I am a voracious reader of anything book-shaped, but I have a particular soft spot for
fantasy and science fiction, which is probably why I ended up writing it myself. I have
probably written more than a million words in my lifetime so far, at a conservative estimate -- two of the
novels that I have finished weigh in at about 250,000 words apiece. One of these megavolumes is being published in
a two-part series by HarperCollins. I have published three other books - a set of three fairy tales (published in the
UK by Longman), an autobiographical book about my years in Africa (published in New Zealand), and an e-mail
novel co-written with the man who subsequently became my husband ("Letters from the Fire", Harper Collins, 1999).
One of my short stories, "The Painting", recently won an international BBC-sponsored competition and was read on air in the
UK in January 2001.

More about me can be found at several websites:

Interests: reading, writing, music, embroidery and needlework, history, animals, theatre

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Changer of Days (volume 1)
  • Letters from the fire
  • Changer of Days Volume 2
  • Nonfiction

  • Houses in Africa