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Randall Fields

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Shanghai, New York, China

My name is Randall Fields. Iím 30 years old and Iím from the Bronx. I live in Shanghai and my novel is called The Black and the Red.

I just got up. Today I decided to try and shop my manuscript. So I got dressed and headed down to the convenience store. The store is only a block away from my apartment, but on my way, five people stared at me, and two women decided to walk on the other side of the street when they saw me. Before I went in, I lit a cigarette and walked down the narrow aisles. I was looking for a six pack of REEB, a Chinese brand of beer; not because I was expecting company, but because I needed to prepare. My ďSaturday GirlĒ decided she wanted to cancel because her husband was staying at home today. The six pack is for looking forward to Monday. I also look for food, for my cat Michelle Obama, but they donít have any.

My job is located in a suburb of Shanghai. Iím a writing ďteacherĒ. I sit in a cubicle all day and drone out reports of studentsí progress, and think up suggestions of how they can improve. The work is always put off because I write about other things; like about how my boss doesnít respect me, but Iím not fired because I always get my work in at the last minute. Test results are important, not the road that the student took to get the result. I write about my past and how I got here. Mostly, I write about Yvonne, my abusive adopted mother, the group homes. I write about how I contributed to the down fall of America, by bailing on my student loans. I write about the many women who visit my apartment. I write about the impurity of it. I question my motives. I question the reality of why Iím in China. I write because I want to believe that itís because Iím black, and not because I am so darn lazy.

So far I have written about 75í000 words. Iíll be finished by the middle of June. It is a work of urban non-fiction. It is similar to Antwone Quintin Fisherís Novel Finding Fish. Itís also close to Catcher in the Rye or Invisible Man. The reason why my novel is different is because it is a different time. I have a different voice. I donít have a specific age group, but I think itís a good story. It still needs to be worked on and shopped, but I need an agent for this. In Shanghai thatís hard to come by.

Interests: Writing, Reading, Video Games

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