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Nancy Shinaberry

Centreville, Virginia, United States


Writing has always been my passion and has been a disciplined part of my life for the last four years as I have labored to tell the story of a very wealthy family, The Westorians, who live on a grand estate in Charlottesville, Virginia in a book that is entitled, Treasures of the Soul.

As a part of the Corporate world for the last 10 years, I decided to do something for myself, something significant that would touch humanity and strike a note of true artistic expression. I had collected characters all my life and shelved many of them to include in the fiction of my heart. I became haunted by Milton long after I endured studying him. I invoked William Blake to inspire one of my characters and as I began to write, my characters began to build themselves out of the logic they were created from, facing circumstances that were imaginary.

I drew from the inner strength of my late mother, and relied on the formal conveyances of human kind that had kept the plays of Shakespeare on the marquees--using lust, greed, power, prejudice and all other lethal vices to fuel the base line of my stories, all the while invoking truth, love, humility, and all of the senses to unravel the stories of life. Though I was inspired by the modern stories of the twentieth century, I was more inspired to know who we are at this late date, wanting to find that prejudices have been dispelled, that we had progressed as humans to know our inner beings through new senses that have lain dormant for many decades. This was my challenge and my ultimate accomplishment.

I also have a vast resevoir of new subject matter that is very publishable. I have several ideas for "How to" books that would be an easy task for one of my talent. I have started a new work that has to do with the "Lottery of the Souls." Another thought for another published work has appeal to women--Portrait of a Single Mother. Over all, I feel that I have the capacity for several more books of the same quality as The Treasures of the Soul.

Interests: Art, Music, Fashion, Politics, People Watching, Poetry, Business Economics, Star Watching, Bird Watching, Architecture and Interior Design

Published writer: No

Freelance: No