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John Teague

Maitland, Florida, United States


For the past twenty years I have been a "help me" writer (in addition to my regular duties) with a large corporation. Managers who needed help with a letter or proposal would seek my help with phrasing, grammar, etc. Of course I received no extra money for that service but I was happy to do it. I also wrote training packages for fifth graders that taught computer networking. These were presented at various Orange County Public schools (Florida) as well as on several "Take Your Daughter To Work" days.

I have always written stories for my own amusement and had one published a few years ago with FirstPublish, an organization that is a few steps up from a vanity press but not quite a major house. There have been enough sales to keep me supplied with socks and underwear all year. You can help by ordering a few dozen copies of "Lucius of Bethlehem" for friends and family.

Two years ago my daughter was infatuated with diary novels such as the "Dear America" series. I noticed that there were few such diaries for boys and most of the stories jumped from diary form to narration. I started my latest work then and created a novel written entirely in diary form. I was able to use years of historical research in Black history, Victorian life and The War of Northern Agression (you probably call it the Civil War) to create a very entertaining story that could also be used as a history text supplement here and in Europe.

My recent retirement and the lousy economy have enabled me to finish my work and enjoy all of the wonderful duties of the average housewife.

Interests: My children, Black History (US), Teaching (volunteer) and writing.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Lucius of Bethlehem