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Margaret A Harrell

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Email: marharrell@hotmail.com

Home page: http://www.margaretharrell.com

Most recently, Margaret A. Harrell has authored the "Keep This Quiet!" memoir series, beginning with "Keep This Quiet! My Relationship with Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky, and Jan Mensaert." The sequels are "Keep THIS Quiet! Too: More Adventures with Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky, Jan Mensaert." And then a jump into spiritual initiations in "Keep This Quiet!" II and IV.

She is the author of 8 books, published in Romania by the Hermann Press and Saeculum University Press (located in the "Lucian Blaga" University in Transilvania) during the period she lived in Belgium. Initially participating in an international poetry festival that took place jointly in Belgium and Romania, she was introduced into Romanian publishing circles and had her first book publication there in 1996. In rapid pace more books followed, because she had been writing the "Love in Transition' series since 1965, while living in New York City in Greenwich Village. Harrell is listed in many international biographies, including "Who's Who in the World" and "Who's Who in American Art."

A dual national, having traveled widely and lived on three continents, she brings a broad outlook and far-reaching experience to her writings. Some essays were published in the Exceptional Human Experience

journal and newsletter of Rhea A. White. Other background she brings is through three years' study at the C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich.

"Love in Transition: Voyage of Ulysses--Letters to Penelope" began as fiction that included a character loosely modeled on Milton Klonsky,a New York City poet. When he died, the material skyrocketed into focus. The death was preceded by dreams. Such a situation fits the description of "shadow of death" in Carl Jung. The "Love in Transition" series eventually spawned a sub-series, "Space Encounters: Chunking Down the 21st Century" - three volumes. These last are coffee table-sized, including many scans based on nonprogrammed computer printouts (computer "PK") reframing some of the text. Such printouts occurred in the 90s in Belgium and brought into even sharper spotlight the rather famous photo of Harrell, decades earlier, with paraphychologist pioneer J. B. Rhine.

To break into the US market, since her return to US soil in 2001,. Harrell created a book that is one half experimental cloud-photography (in beautiful colors and rare detail) combined with extracts from the "Love in Transition" series, brought together under an umbrella of a philosophy of perception. This book, "Toward a Philosophy of Perception: The Magnitude of Human Potential - Cloud Optics," was given a number of first-class reviews.

Interests: Subtle cloud photography, experimenting with light. These photos are the basis for professionally designed covers by outside designers. They are featured in "Toward a Philosophy of Perception."

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Marking Time with Faulkner
  • Toward a Philosophy of Perception
  • Space Encounters III: Inserting Consciousness into Collisions
  • Space Encounters: Chunking Down the 21st Century, vol. II
  • Toward a Philosophy of Perception: The Magnitude of Human Potential - Cloud Optics. Expanded November edition.
  • Keep This Quiet! My Relationship with Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky, and Jan Mensaert
  • Keep This Quiet: My Relationship with Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky, and Jan Mensaeert