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Joseph Massucci

Canyon Lake, Texas, United States


Home page:

Internationally published novelist and nonfiction author and editor Joe Massucci was born and raised in steel-town Pittsburgh, Pa. He published his first newspaper (The Berry Street News) at age 10, and has been a writer and editor ever since.

After graduating from Duquesne University (undergraduate-journalism) and the University of Pittsburgh (graduate-rhetoric and communications), Joe spent 34 years in corporate communications.

Joe has written more than 2,200 articles for corporate and trade publications on a variety of topics including aviation, archeology, military hardware, supercomputing, satellite remote sensing, biotechnology and genetic engineering. His editorial assignments have taken him to Egypt, Argentina, Sharjah, The Netherlands and England.

Joe's debut novel, CODE:ALPHA (Leisure Books, 1997), is a heart-pounding technothriller about a beautiful and brainy biochemist whose inadvertent creation -- a genetically engineered virus known as "Saint Vitus" -- becomes a terrible weapon of revenge for the Middle East's most dangerous terrorist. With nonstop action, cutting-edge medical science, romance and the very real specter of domestic terrorism, the book has garnered rave reviews from critics and readers alike, with a first printing of 70,000 copies.

"Totally believable!" says Kirkus Reviews. USA Today: "This fiction can become reality. Our reality." Most recently, the book was translated and published in Polish by Amber Press as KOD ALFA.

His second novel, a sequel to CODE:ALPHA titled The Millennium Project (Leisure Books, 1998), is touted as "one of the most popular books about Year 2000 and the Millennium," (TIMEANDDATE.COM). The Herald Tribune (Pasadena) says, "This thriller takes readers on a ride made even more compelling by the idea that its events could really happen. A good read, with plenty of bang for your Millennium buck." The book was translated and published in the Czech Republic by Alpress, and in Poland aby Amber Press.

Joe has just completed two new novels: GORGON and EXTINCTION

When he isn't writing, Joe is a recording musician and a photographer.

Interests: Fiction, technothrillers, science thrillers, occult, New Age, paranormal, suspense, web development, photography, music (guitar)

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


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