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Perreaoult Daniels

Washington, District of Columbia, United States


Home page:


I suppose that I should introduce my self.
My name is Perreaoult
I was born to be James Perry Daniels Junior.
One day I heard a story that my father told.
It was that they,
"Who ever they were"
Pronounced his middle name parrot,
Like the bird.
And he didn't like that name so he changed it
When I got the name I changed it again
Well here I am writing
On a quest to find some truth

James Perreaoult Daniels

In Washington D.C., I am known as Perreaoult an artist I make images and have found myself writing.
…my subject tends to current events, politics, sexual relations, race, war, and religion.
My first visual arts show of the Washington 2002 season will be January and a second in February.
I seem to be making a name for myself; I've been reviewed several times. In the Washington Post, the Washington Arts Review, Koen Arts. To date I have had 5 one-man shows and I've forgotten who many group shows.
Right now I am working on a series of images and writings that I call sex wars. They have to do with Darwinism and Religion and some other confusing things. This series started getting really hot after 9:11 but it was a subject of mine before the event.
The images are available online via geocities. you will have to wait for the bulk of the writing on this subject.
But if you do want to read something then do read on.
The other subject set that I have been working on is an Experimentsinart Online Book

What is this? Well what you will find in these letters is the beginnings of a dialogue that
were I present you with some provocative text and images.
But my purpose is not of an offensive nature, I hope to ignite a discussion on the nature of our existence with these visual means.

Interests: …my subject tends to current events, politics, sexual relations, race, war, and religion.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Perreaoult's Experimentsinart
  • Perreaoult's Experimentsinart