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Michael Burns

Agent: none
270 Camino La Pasida
Rio Rico, Arizona, United States


In 1994 I self-published my first novel entitled Hot Planet. Hot Planet received the following review from an independent reviewer:

This is a tight, well-crafted first novel about decades of environmental pollution overloading the ecosystem so much that runaway global is triggered, in the not too distant future. Much of the action takes place in Arizona and California as radical environmentalists clash with the U.S. Government during a global heat wave that melts the south polar cap causing rising oceans and global catastrophe. This self-published novel is worthy of mass market distribution.
Books of the Southwest
Number 431, November 1994

I recently completed a new novel which I have had much difficulty getting agents to even agree to review, interesting to me in that it is better than Hot Planet.
I am reluctant to publicize the title of this new novel because it's so good, I'm afraid someone else might decide to use it. It's a mystery thriller set in the American southwest.

Today, I'm hard at work on a third novel, very much unlike the previous two. It is a religious novel written in the first person. If it turns out to be as good as I think it will, then I'll be needing an agent who believes they will be able to market it. Currently, I do not have an agent, but I'm sure I'll need one given the current state of publishing.

Interests: environment/religion/science

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Hot Planet