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Sandra Bell Kirchman

P.O. Box 1707
Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, Canada


Home page:

Yahoo: Raya_Raydiance

I write just about anything - from radio ad copy to in-depth articles for police magazines. I have written extensively for the internet, including articles for clients' websites that plunge me into the multi-million-lane highway of the world-wide web. View my online writing portfolio at and my hard copy portfolio at

Lo these many years ago, I started out as a cub reporter for a weekly newspaper in Northern Ontario, Canada. My writing earned me a byline and the gruff praise of the huge, bearded editor, who terrified me but also helped me become a much better writer.

Over the years, I wrote hither and yon, letting other exciting adventures such as radio broadcasting, international lecturing engagements, legal secretary and paralegal careers, lure me away from my muse. Now I have had the opportunity to plunge back into writing, and my heart is gladdened.

In July, 2007, my first full book, Witchcanery, was published. Its reception was gratifying. It's not a best seller yet, but readers have praised it enthusiastically. At the three book signings I did at Chapters bookstore in Calgary, the sales were markedly above the norm, to the point where the managers of the stores where the signings were held ordered a substantial lot more of the books.

I have a number of other writing projects on tap, including pulling together a fantasy anthology of first-time writers, to be published by my publishing company, FantasyFic. (


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For many years, I have played internet games...singly, with my husband, and with my now-many online friends. It is a thrill and a challenge to keep up-to-date with all the advances of blockbuster MMORPGs (Massively Multi-player Online Role-playing Games) such as EverQuest, Star Wars Galaxies, Dark Ages of Camelot, and so on. Now, I have dipped into a cornucopia of further experience.

My love affair with online gaming magazine writing and editing began with my feature article covering eGenesis' popular MMORPG, A TALE IN THE DESERT. The success of this freelance article got me an invitation to join the staff of my first online gaming magazine, It was a wonderful experience to have access to all the games, to be able to play some of them, write about them and help others write as well.

My next stop was to wear two hats for, another bigger and more successful online magazine for the gaming aficionados. I started out as editor and writer for the hub (the term used to describe the main magazine from which all the various fan sites were launched). The Warcry writers were a wonderful lot, full of enthusiasm and energy. Many of them were amateurs in writing but experienced in online games. It was my job to help them write the masterpieces that lay trapped in their gaming souls. Apart from my own writing at Warcry, I was also given the opportunity of site manager for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, an MMORPG in the making by the same team who had created the blockbuster online game EVERQUEST.

From there I took on a new challenge to allow me the scope to cover this game in the making, VANGUARD. I joined up with a crew who were enthusiastically starting up a new dedicated fan site for Vanguard. I came on board at Silky Venom ( originally as News Manager and Sigil Liaison (liaison with the folks at the development company). I later stepped back somewhat because of other demands in my personal life and writing career. I then turned to Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer and worked for a while as News Editor there, helping the writers turn out quality articles and keeping the quota of daily news releases and articles up to par. It was a great experience.

All of my online writing adventures are chronicled in my online writing portfolio at

I have also done some private coaching and tutoring for emerging writers who have great enthusiasm and talent but just need some guidance to get going on their writing love. Most recently, I have worked with an emerging writer on his forthcoming book, including layout and covers for self-publication.


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FantasyFic is a fledgling company, having only published the one book - Witchcanery by me. We have plans to publish more fantasy books in the future, the first one being an anthology of first-time published writers, hopefully by Christmas of this year (but we'll see). We are currently looking for Star Members of the forum who are emergy fantasy writers and who are interested in submitting short stories for the anthology.

Enquiries for writing or editing may be directed to me at

Interests: Internet, inner space, outer space, online role-playing games, science fiction and fantasy, internet relationships, fact reporting, police reporting, adventure (both real and fictional), first-person stories, fiction stories, self-help, juvenile stories,

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Caroline's Climb
  • When Mothers Love
  • Witchcanery
  • Nonfiction

  • The 1997 World Police/Fire Games
  • A Tale in the Oasis in the MMORPG Field
  • Community Policing: The Saskatoon Experience
  • Children's Literature