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RK Leonard

Naples, Italy


Nearly seven years’ experience in the law and a knack for action, that’s Robert Kois, a.k.a. R. K. Leonard, and he has page turning screenplays coming one after another. In his first screenplay, an action/drama titled Next Of Kin, the Chicago Mob’s kingpin attorney, trusted counsel to the Capo de Capo, the Boss of Bosses, wants O-U-T. An unheard of request--unthinkable! Is it even possible? Two different Mob factions say, “No!”, and the odyssey begins, complicated by a young life hanging in the balance. Thrilling and realistic, hang on for the wild ride to the exciting, and startling, conclusion! This thriller was adapted into a novel by published author and fellow attorney Charles M. Thomas and is presently being marketed.

Changing tack, Mr. Kois followed his first work with a comedy screenplay, Fish Or Cut Bait, a side-splitting look at a newly retired executive who soon finds himself to be the unwilling owner of a dilapidated diner in upstate New York. Making matters worse, as the diner's new owner he's also the town's fire chief in charge of a bungling crew of misfit chimney-savers the likes of which you have never seen. Every fire provides his men with a wacky attempt at success and the townsfolk with a reason to party.

Not content to sit idly by, Mr. Kois continued his writing with a psychological thriller, Pictures Of The Dead, an exclusive adaptation of the original novel of the same title by Justin P. Petrillo, MD. Pictures follows two New York city detectives as they play a deadly cat-and-mouse game with a relentless and psychopathic killer. The killer's mark: He cuts the eyes from his victims, then turns their fatal visions into much sought after, and high-priced, artwork. One woman with psychic powers knows of his dark secret--and that she will be his last victim. Or will she?

Still seeking great stories, Mr. Kois teamed up with Brad Shea, a former U.S. Army Investigator, and co-authored The 38th Parallel. In this exciting military thriller, Army Special Agent Chas Logan has a problem. While investigating a routine burglary, Logan uncovers a top-secret plot to prevent Korean reunification by assassinating the President of South Korea. Framed by the conspirators for the murder of his partner, Logan is chased across the Korean peninsula. Along the way, Logan teams with Un Ha Kim, a North Korean spy who has been sent to Seoul on a secret mission of her own. It’s a race against time as Logan tries to clear his name, bring the killers to justice, preserve the reunification efforts—and save the President’s life. This exciting screenplay was later adapted by Vincent Scuro, a noted author, under the title The Logan Factor which can now be purchased from Metropolis Ink at

Mr. Kois followed up with another co-production screenplay with Brad Shea in Dead By Sunset. A police crime thriller, Dead By Sunset teams two LA detectives with a beautiful FBI Profiler as they race to catch a psychotic killer--and all the evidence points to her immediate superior as the killer. Twists and turns abound as they race to stop the maniacal murderer before he strikes again.

Decidedly hungry for that first novel, Mr. Kois (under his pen name R. K. Leonard) recently began, and is nearing completion of, his first novel which is titled In The Game. Drawing upon his experience as an attorney and his love of international intrigue and the spy-thriller, Mr. Kois' In The Game features an idealistic attorney who joins a large law firm based in north Florida hoping to do some "international" work. Unfortunately, the attorney is about to discover that each of the partners of the 143-member firm are international hit men with a chilling and impending agenda.

Expect to see this author on the best seller list soon.

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