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Matthew Koeser

2203 Woodview Ct. #17
Madison, Wisconsin, United States


Born on seasonably unhappy day in December, subject to the throes of a disastrous blizzard, my father was barely able to get his Chevy Impala to the hospital before I ate through my mother's womb. Like some sort of mystical deity of hunger manifesting in the form of a fat-headed child, I was birthed to this world only to know that there could never be enough milk to satisfy.

And so I grew. 31 and counting down to my inevitable end within the flames of Pele or some equally horrifying molten death. Dreams of rivers of 'intelligent' lava still haunt me to this day, and I cringe at the relentless interest in vulcanography on National Geographic. Friends will send me picutres, the bastards, of every active volcanic disaster in history. Remember Pompei? I was probably there, being turned to an ashy film archaeologists thumb their careful tools upon.

Been writing, yes. No volcanos, however. Had an agent. The Robins Agency, however they have recently informed me they have gone out of business. I noticed the Robins Agency listed on this site, showing an interest in representing new writers. Might want to look into that before anyone decides to send anything to them. I lament for Richard Baker, I hope his family is doing well.

Recently finished my third (unpublished) book. Going to be starting a fourth soon. I seem to channel terrific ideas in my dreams. Great inspiration comes in the form of my beautiful friend, Ryel. She possesses every creative context of my mind, threatens to lodge a boot up my backside have I ever the notion to quit writing.

Have an affinity toward angels. Never had a visitation, but planning on it soon. My first and third books are about them. Angels fatigued by the same sensitivity to feeling as we are.

Read this really wonderful quote the other day...

'People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.' -Thich Nha Hahn,
Buddhist monk and poet

Quite beautiful, I hope you feel the same.

Would you know me now?


Interests: Funny. Seems redundant to say one of my 'interests' rests in the field this site generously caters to. 'Yes' I have a specific interest in writing, and I'm a foolish, young man too. Enjoy hoisting weights above my head and the vacuum of my psyche.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


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