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Aurealia Nelson

Richmond, Virginia, United States


Home page:

To break into the literary field and conquer it with my passion and talent for the written word. To edit, copywright, and layout the best copy ever envisioned by man and to challenge men's thinking about the English language. To obtain a position as a Reporter/Copywrighter/Editor that will utilize my creative talents and prior experience effectively.


Creative and practical Editing, Computer/Word Processing, Web Development/Design, Layout


Richmond Times Dispatch,Young Virginian's, Richmond, VA
Young Virginian's writer (Aug 1994 - Aug 1995)
Wrote several articles for the Young Virginian's section of the Richmond Times Dispatch.

Mary Washington College,Bullet Newspaper, Fredericksburg, VA, US
Weekly Columnist (Aug 1993 - Sep 1995)
Weekly columnist for the Mary Washington Bullet Newspaper. Wrote inspiratory and challenging pieces that invoked the reader to another level of thinking and emotion.

Copy Editor for Polemic (Aug 1993 - Sep 1994)
Edited content for the Literary magazine and selected entries. Also responsible for layout and design.

Hermitage High School,Panthianette/Quill and Scroll, Richmond, VA
Editoral Editor (Aug 1989 - Jun 1991)
Editoral editor. Responsible for editing and selecting content, assigning articles, creative brainstorming and motivating writers to produce. Layout duties as well.

Virginia Commonwealth University,Scholarship recipient: Urban Journalism Workshop, Richmond, VA
Scholarship winner (Jun 1990 - Jul 1990)
Selected as winner for the entirety of Henrico country from diverse and challenging applicant pool to attend VCU's urban journalism workshop. Performed editing, journalism, layout, photography and other duties for finished product of paper.

Freelance Writer,Freelance, Richmond, VA
Published Writer (Jan 1999 - Present)
Published several books:
"Swallowing Jewels", "Musings of a Mad Madam", "Non traditional families", "The Split Brain" under IUniverse press. See for more published writings.

Third Eye Inc/India Essence,Richmond, VA
CEO/Owner/Operator (Feb 1999 - Present)
In 1999, I launched India essence via the internet from Richmond, Va to specialize in the sale of Indian merchandise. I researched the industry and cultivated the growth in sales through web development, marketing, promotion, press releases, and client services while developing and securing through importation a product line of unique merchandise. Selected and submitted marketing to chosen publications.


University of West England, Bristol, , GB
Bachelor of Arts, GPA: 3.2, Major: Communications (GradDate: May 1995)
Communications/Journalism distance ed.

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
Bachelor of Arts, GPA: 2.8, Major: Art History, Minor: Anthropology (GradDate: Dec 1999)
B.F.A. in Art history with an emphasis in African Art and culture studies.

Capella University, Minneapolis, MN
Masters, GPA: 3.5, Major: Family Psychology (GradDate: Jan 2003)
Completing via distance education a degree in Family Psychology. Published several articles in leading research magazines and several books dealing with psychology ("The Split Brain", "Non traditional Families") as well as several research papers.


Available by request


Writer/editor with over 7 years of professional experience. Versatile writing
credits including such topics as food,ethnic issues, health, lifestyles, music, film and television, business and fine arts. Also a published writer and poet.


Swallowing Jewels, Book, IUniverse Press, 75 pages (Dec 1, 1999)
Poetry, Short stories

The Split Brain, Book, IUniverse Press, 80 pages (Dec 1, 2000)
Research Book on Schizophrenia

Musings of a Mad Madam, Book, IUniverse Press, 75 pages (Jan 1, 2001)
Research/Experience book.

"African Americans and Schizophrenia", Reasearch article in newsletter, American Ass. of Black Psychologists, 1 pages (Jan 1, 2002)
Research on African Americans and Schizophrenia citing a dietary connection and possible solutions.

Non Traditional Families, Book, IUniverse Press, 75 pages (Jun 1, 2001)
Research on Non traditional families and how they affect children's development.
Several articles and research papers published as well: Query for details.

Absinthe, Book, Xlibris Press, 126 pages, (In Press)

Interests: Gothic, Poetry, Prose, Short Stories, Business, Health, etc...Journalism, women's issues

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Musings of a Mad Madam
  • The Split Brain
  • Poetry

  • Swallowing Jewels
  • Absinthe
  • Other

  • Non Traditional Families