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M Jones

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


M Jones has been published in many venues, both online and in print, and made her first foray into the experimental medium of web serials with 314 Crescent Manor.

The fidgety dead have been known to rise and walk about, especially in M Jones's novel Frankie And Formaldehyde, available at Amazon.

Experimental horror that blends science fiction, suspense, drama and a good scare are the tools of M Jones's trade.

That sound heard in the upper floors of a semi-detached home are the scrapings of poisoned knife tips on an old Olympia typewriter. The letters hit the blank page like clacking teeth.

Never read over her shoulder.


"A great story premise, a great cast of quirky characters, and fantastic dialogue." - Zoe E Whitten, author of Peter the Wolf

"A fantastic, fun, and philosophical read." - Nancy Brauer, author of Strange Little Band

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Interests: Horror, zombies, Victorian, mystery, surreal, science fiction, literary fiction, gay, LGBT, standard romance, feminism, thought provoking works, Braughtigan, Burroughs, facts melded into fiction, diving deep into the sundial of a plot, cooking gourmet foo

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Silk and Feather
  • A Bone To Pick
  • Breeding Ground