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Saul Landa

Agent: none
Hagilad 12/1, P.O.Box 431
Arad, Israel


: none

Most of my early life was spent in transition – from Holocaust to Peace, from East to West. The initial orgy of freedom settled into happy routine, with my eventual graduation from the University of Alberta. As it turned out, I spent many years within educational frameworks, as recipient and as contributor. Formal frameworks found me teaching Indians and Eskimos in Canada’s north and Israelis in Israel’s south. Eventually, informal education became my forte and provided challenging positions as Director of The Institute for Asthmatic Children (Arad, Israel, 1978-1984) and as Director of The WUJS Institute (Arad, Israel, 1984-1990), to which graduate students from around the world flocked. Quite a few summers found me back in Canada directing Jewish camps.

My artistic needs insisted on a change of direction, which led me to assume a position as Creative Director of a Video Film Company (Tel Aviv, 1991-1995), writing scripts and proposals involving documentaries, commercials and sitcoms. Only well after the onset of multiple sclerosis, did I begin devoting my full attention to writing – fiction and non-fiction – with the hope of inspiring and entertaining myself, and others.

I live in Arad (Judean Desert), Israel; am married to Elana, and have four grown children – Eli, Tal, Dani, and Tami – as well as a newborn, first grandchild. I do all of my writing, handwritten first-drafts, in coffee shops and only let my computer in on it when polishing is required. My first published work (Minerva, Sept. 2001) was THE THIN LINE.

Interests: political and social phenomena

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No