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Larry Bourgeois

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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Nothing too exciting here but I have had a few articles published in the past, in outdoorsy slanted magazines. The stories included photos so the pay AND the recognition were big ego boosters. I sold my first piece after receiving two pink (rejection) slips, which were actually fairly nice "no thank you" or "not at this time" letters, from editors or assistant editors. Just a little more proof for those of you out there waiting for that first editor to realize your potential. Just stick with it and practice, practice, practice.....If you feel you have the talent then keep on doing it until somebody important notices. It will happen....

For those of you out there who have already had the pleasure of seeing your work in print, you can share the euphoria with me still, I'm sure, every time you get a cheque in the mail for some little thingy that you just sort of tossed together. :-)

I write more on the web now than I do on paper and through my marketing efforts, you can now just type the word "larrybourgeois" or "larrybass", without the quote marks of course, into a good search engine, like Google for instance, and let him dig up a few of my websites, lenses Hubs and Blogs so you can see that I still LOVE Writing.:-)

Here's a link to one of my little blogs at

Writing for the electronic world isn't so bad either, although the checks may be better in the hard-copy world, or not? :-) I dig 'em both actually. ;-)

Writing Wrocks!!!


Interests: Fishing, bicycling, writing, survival, Collectibles, photography and of course, web-page design, development and marketing.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


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