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Mary C Legg

Prague, Czech Republic


Born in the beautiful Puget Sound, I grew up among the emrald San Juan Islands. With a background in Classical Studies and English Literature, I am interested in myths, fairytales and their interpretation for myths and symbols travel cross culturely. Reading childhood stories we are often blind to hidden secrets.

From Southern Illinois, I migrated to Seattle to complete an agonizing MLS in Library and Info Science. I learned everything about LCSH, DDC, indexing & abstracting, WLN and OCLC along with articulate bibliographic citations. Honestly speaking, I am capable, but the gremlins got the best of me. Instead of being the dreaded librarian defending the public from Intellectual Freedom, I studied dramatic soprano literature as a soloist in Vienna to enter smoggy Prague where blacklisted, I taught ESL, an intellectual hell for me... however the lowly, creeping caterpillar metamorphoses into the butterfly, and yes, I know from the tadpole, the toad.

Changing directions recently, Spetember 2001, I jumped into the cold morass of the literary swamp. I might recite some greater writer by exclaiming, "I'm nobody, who are you?// Are you nobody too?...How dreary to be somebody//How public like a frog// To tell your name the livelong day// To an admiring bog!" (Emily Dickinson)

Therefore with background in Classics, Literature and dramatic opera; if nothing else, I am a literary type of beast with more than 2000pp written for an ESL self-study program that was destroyed by my landlord who vandalized the flat, stealing computer and diskettes. The paper is on the floor. Remember "Harold and the Purple Crayon"? Good. Keep it in mind as a model.

Interests: esl materials (have about 500pp previously written stuff), 19th literature, lit commentary and interpretation, vocabulary development (have 150pp of word-building exercises written); book reviews; word-search puzzles written for students; essay, short-st

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes