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Natalie Fraser

Agent: looking for one
Palmerston North, New Zealand


Hello. From my teens I wanted to write a book but didn't want to unless the deep things I was born into were resolved. However, the things which shaped me are only being resolved in the 21st century. I have met some exciting people, John Paisley a New Zealand poet who died before I developed as a writer. I started a historical biography of a Baptist layman and market gardener who came to New Zealand in 1862. Recently I quoted a poem I liked from old history books. It went "Oh Adam was a gardener, and God who make him sees that half a gardener's proper work is done upon his knees. So when the work is over you can wash your hands and pray that the glory of the garden shall never pass away. And the glory of the garden it shall never pass away".

I am an expert on trauma. There is such an upsurge of it in recent distressing weeks since the twin tower tragedy. There are not enough people qualified to deal with it. Trauma is made a medical and system model when it is really a literary one. The co-ordinator of that post graduate paper wants me to forward some of my writing. I am posting her writing that includes "I saw what appeared to be great flames four or more kilometres away and they were turning, turning. I walked on wearily until I came to a well and there He was waiting for me. I knew who He was but I still had to ask Him. He replied "I AM to you what you are to me". That was very reassuring because He was my Beloved". My personal story is 'emotional and well handled' so I was told by a senior law student in Melbourne. I wrote a history of Deinstitutionalisation that said 'vote for another government' in 1999 and our people did. My Deinstitutionalisation final chapter outlined the plight of the boarding house women in Auckland, (IF you heard of New Zealand's 'reforms' that some politicians are still slugging. Even our prime minister sometimes has to pull her head in and our country is hurting. So are other countries. I add to the pool of knowledge that is emerging. People suffer but there is hope now as we all know things that our unhappy forebears did not know. As a historian I believe this spells hope for the world. Maybe the Scripture 'they shall beat their swords into ploughshares will come true in our day.

I said farewell to my Maori brother in law November 2000. My well became a fountain and I based a song on the fountains in my Allegory "Journey To The Garden of the Soul. It goes like this.

"A Fountain flows within an enclosed garden
It represents the very things we tried to hide
But out of things of grief with hope in life
It springs from wells so deep
Just like the wells of long ago
so deep.

The House of fountains speak of pain and music
the secrets there are now becoming known to us
Three sisters flow we sang so long ago
and does and harts look on
They sprang from us and bore our lot with love

And now with such mysterious stuff unravelling
can we all sing and flow into another sphere?
Let's take our does and harts and parents too
to Gardens filled with Love
It is out place with God's warm Love flowing.

cheers do get in touch with me and keep your fountains flowing


Interests: classical music, composing unique classical rock music on electronic keyboard. A deep spiritual life. Family, friends, dinners, walks through beautiful grounds and tree lined streets, myth, fantasy, good television. no no subjects, shocking establishme

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  • Deinstitutionalisation 'From Hospital to the Community'
  • Deinstitutionalisation 'From Hospital to the Community'
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  • Journey To The Garden of the Soul