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Daz Royle

Manchester, United Kingdom


Well im 18, i havent really done much in the form of writing but i hope that my story, Furbles !, will one day make a lot of money for me, and as i like writing it so much, and you must read it, i would love to make money by doing this. My story that im working on is called Furbles (which as you might of gathered is a word i made up) and it basically consists of me bitching about the world (sorry about the slang). It is absolutly hillarious and i hope that it brings a lot of people a lot of pleasure in reading it, so far people have found it "damn right funny", "damn right strange !!", "A queer tint on the idea of killing oneself", "individual ... unfortunatly, ha ha", and "The strangest thing i have ever heard anyone do with a garden weed !".
Still dont wanna read it !??!?!

AH GO ON !!!



Interests: Ewwwwww, a lot of drinking, it inspires my work. Looking at my family and myself, again it inspires my work, i have a very queer family !

Published writer: No

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Furbles