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Linda Daly

Westland, Michigan, United States


Home page:

Yahoo: MsRebelDove

As an author and screenplay writer, Linda believes no matter the genre or the field of entertainment, the story should be as true to the documented facts of the period depicted as possible. With that mission in mind, she has taken great measures to assure that while weaving her tales, using fictional characters, the events that enrich the story lines are based on countless hours of painstaking research.
What matters to Linda, is that she will be able to capture the reader's imagination, while taking their mind on a holiday -- a holiday where the reader will be swept away from the hustle and bustle of their day-to-day routine, identifying with the characters' trials and tribulations and come to think of them as their friends; some they will cheer on and sympathize with, and some they will love to hate. Either way, they will be missed when coming to the final chapter or the credits roll.

Linda's sincere wish is that you enjoy reading her stories as much as she has enjoyed writing them.

Currently, Linda's completed projects are:

Gift Book

"Excursion of Life" - a personal glimpse at how spiritual enlightenment has affected Linda’s life and those she loves.

Historical Romance Novels

"Virtuous Dove" - (Published December 2003) Abolitionist, Felicity Phelps witnessing her mother and father’s gruesome death; aiding runners in the Underground Railroad, flees America to Victoria England, the land of her ancestors. Discover with Felicity that not all appears as it is on the surface of the elite of society and those of the unfortunate forced to live in workhouses. Both classes are equally vulnerable when wealth and power are at stake. Can her virtues be altered when greed, power, and the suppression of the truth test her own belief system; and those of others around her?

"Rebel Dove" - (Published 3/2007) This epic novel set in Northern Virginia, weaves the lives and times of a spirited, headstrong woman who believes she is just in continuing to aid the "cause" as a Southern Spy. Despite her attraction to a Union major that suspects her of espionage while blindly forging onward.

"Doves Migration" - (TBR 3/2008) 'Post Civil War', finds Miranda Brown coming to terms with the demons of her past and in the midst of a sinister plot. Choosing between the love of a man or the life of wealth and privilege, Miranda discovers she is more like her father than she had ever dreamt possible.

"Soiled Doves" - (143,617) Along with the rich cast of characters from the three previous books in the series, new characters are introduced while other favorites are tragically lost; proving that life isn't always as we expect. The past and the evil that lurks in the hearts of some will dramatically change the future forever, especially the innocent. Along with this riveting tale of love, loss, and revenge, a family tree is included.

"Doves Flight"- (currently writing) The next generation! As the children and grandchildren of Elise, Felicity, and Miranda try to build a life of their own, will it be necessary for our heroines, of the Doves Collect series to disclose the lies and indiscretions of the past to protect their loved ones future? From New York to San Francisco to Europe, lives can be altered if the shocking truth is discovered.

Espionage Mystery/ Thriller Novels

"Sea of Lies" - (TBR - 8/2007) The reader is whisked around the globe, along with the agents of the Department of Homeland Security as they solve another threat to world security… or was it merely the deadly greed of a man shamed into giving up his heritage?

"Paper Hanger" – (currently writing) Saucy, intelligent, and beautiful, Sharon Walker, a seasoned agent for the Department of Homeland Security, accepts the challenges and dangers surrounding her work, that is, until it reaches her own private world. Following the untimely deaths of her parents, killed execution style, Sharon's world is further rocked when she uncovers their secret lives as plate forgers, for a counterfeit ring.

Screenplays (adapted from her novels):

•"Rebel Dove" - 3 segment, Mini Series
•"Sea of Lies" - Feature Film

To reach Linda, the following addresses are provided.

Interests: History, Music, Antiques, Spiritual Enlightenment

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Rebel Dove
  • Virtuous Dove