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Donald G Carty

Tamarac, Florida, United States


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Donald G. Carty

Enhancing my 25-year sales and management consulting career, I have also been Involved as a volunteer with various cultural and community groups. It has always been my belief - or should we say, vision - that organizations, like families, are better understood as the sum of their Interactions rather than the sum of their parts. The same can be said of Society.

Guided by this vision, my work involving the assimilation of diverse Interests has been the most fulfilling part of my professional and personal life.

Having nonpartisan views on Issues allows me an open mind and patience to remain focused and unbiased towards the concerns and Issues of various peoples. By design, my life's work has involved many types of people-oriented activities. Some have been based on modern technical systems as well as an empathetic, sixth sense approach.

I have been of service to people of all walks of life in business and social settings across this great continent of ours, ever-attuned to their individual needs. As a committee chair, management consultant or sales representative, my successes have always come from my strength of conviction and commitment to vision.


*Contributor to the writing of Sections 25 through 27 of the Canadian charter of Rights and Freedoms, 1982. These sections had to do with Aboriginal, Multicultural, and Equal Rights. This became part of the Canadian Constitution Act, 1982.

* Committee Chair for a number of Civic and Community Groups.
* Facilitated workshops using the film "Skin Deep-Discussing Attitudes about Race" on Community College Campuses for students and faculty.
* Hosted a cable television show on multiculturalism entitled "Harmony at Home"

* Interviewed by Sandra Lewis on CBC's 24 Hours News Broadcast and was a guest on Peter Warrens National CBC Radio Morning show.
* Addressed a number of culturally and linguistically diverse groups, with as many as 350 people in attendance for a Canadian Government Royal Commission.
* Prepared Media releases and was liaison between the Mayor's Committee on Community and Race Relations, the Media and the NCC.

* Conceived and directed multi-language commercials for various ethnic television and radio networks in Toronto.
* Had press access to government and other public events.
* Prepared media releases on behalf of the National Coalition of Canada (NCC).
* Liaised between the media and the NCC.

* Liaised between the media and the Manitoba office of the Citizens' Forum on Canada's Future
* Prepared media releases on behalf of the Manitoba office of the Citizens' Forum on Canada's Future.
* Coordinated the activities of the Commissioners, Media and various communities.

* Interviewed as a representative of the Citizens' Forum by all the local media, both print and television, as well as nationally by the Associated Press, MacLeans Magazine, and The Journal.
* Lead a two hour forum via satellite link up to 5 Manitoba rural communities on community access television, (April 16, 1991), with four repeated broadcasts
* Wrote and developed orientation and certification programs and created and installed standards of performance.

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